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By Mohit Choudhary|Updated : January 19th, 2023

How to Prepare for UGC NET 2023 English: UGC NET Exam is conducted twice a year by NTA. There are ten units in Paper-1 and each unit has equal weightage in the examination. Most Important Topics in UGC NET Environment, Logical Reasoning, Teaching Aptitude, Research Aptitude, Communication, ICT, Higher Education.


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Table of Content

This article will discuss the strategy, study plan, syllabus, and important books to crack the UGC NET English (Paper 2) exam in detail.

A systematic study plan could help a candidate to plan better and score more in the UGC NET Exam. With a correct strategy in mind, we bring you the UGC NET study plan curated by our experts to assist you in your preparation.

  • With the syllabus of the English Literature getting generic from specific, the scope of each topic in the subject has diversified. As compared to earlier, the present syllabus does not mention specific topics but indicates general ones like Drama, Poetry, Fiction, etc.
  • It's quite interesting because UGC aims to test your English Literature knowledge without specifying categorized subtopics. Also, introducing several new topics such as "Cultural Studies" and "Research Methods and Materials in English" requires you to diversify your knowledge.
  • You are not just required to carry bookish knowledge. Still, it would be best to look at the texts through the lens of societal and cultural worldviews, besides appreciating the practical application of research and teaching.

Download UGC NET English Syllabus

UGC NET English Preparation-Previous Year Paper Analysis

  • After introducing the new pattern of the exam and the new syllabus, UGC has conducted the exam only thrice.
  • One of the important observations drawn from the updated syllabus is that UGC wishes to test more than your objective knowledge. The questions asked lately aim to check your critical reasoning skills rather than rote learning.
  • So, one thing is clear, having completed your master's degree in the subject, you are expected to have developed a sound critical reasoning skill to analyze a particular text, even those which are quite subjective in approach.
  • Also, while earlier the focus used to be more on British Literatures, there has been a significant inclusion of other world literature and literary theories. To get a clearer picture, you can check the papers for December 2021.

*Most of the questions were asked from the modern and contemporary authors and their works.

Download UGC NET English Previous Year Paper with Answers

Takeaways from the current trend of question papers:

  • Diversify your scope of the study.
  • Cover poems (and poets) extensively.
  • Inculcate critical reasoning and analytical skills.
  • Get through with the contemporary Literature along with the conventional English Literature texts.
  • Please acquaint yourself with the significant World Literature authors (and their works) such as American, African, French, Italian, Japanese, Latin American, Canadian, and Australian.
  • Classical Literature (fiction and non-fiction) and History of English Literature, though not separately mentioned within the syllabus, it forms a strong base for your preparation.

Strategy for UGC NET English Paper 2

We should not waste more time and get down to business as soon as possible. Devoting a minimum of 5 hours to preparation would give you the best results. In the preparatory timeline, you are at a stage where you could familiarize yourself with all the important topics, make notes, and start several new topics. Also, during this phase, the candidates should familiarize themselves with important tips to utilize their time efficiently and study resources. Let us go through some of the major thumb rules, which, when followed, would boost your chances of qualifying for the UGC NET exam.

  • Make yourself aware of the mode of the examination as well as the UGC NET Exam pattern.
  • Go through the entire syllabus thoroughly. Know what needs to be left out. It's important because when it comes to qualifying for an exam, you ought to know what not to study and focus more on what needs to be studied.
  • Practice previous year's question papers. These papers would give you an idea about the types of questions asked, the study's scope, and the types of questions UGC tends to ask.
  • Depending upon your interest and retaining skill, allocate time according to the topic.
  • Find out the best resources i.e., books and online materials.
  • Prepare short and crisp notes of all topics covering all the necessary points. For English, you could create flow charts under each unit and list down the literary eras => the political, social, and religious setup of the time => important authors => their works => the content of the work.
  • Revise every topic that you have studied. The candidate should revise only after completing a particular topic, but it should be timed regularly throughout your preparation.
  • Attempt mock tests to analyze your performance and acknowledge your limitations are; given that the mode of examination has changed to online, attempt online mock tests.
  • Prepare smart strategies to attempt questions. For instance, the process of elimination works very well in attempting a lot of questions in English (for instance, in questions like matching the columns or multiple combination options).
  • Last, but not least, do not ignore your Paper 1, as it is the cumulative score that would let you ace the exam.

Best Book for UGC NET English Preparation

Check Important Books for UGC NET English Paper 2 below

  • A Critical History of English Literature- David Daichi's
  • Literary Theory- Saugata Bhaduri & Simmi Malhotra
  • World Literature and Comparative Cultural Studies - Steven Totosy, Companion to Comparative Literatures
  • Online materials
  • Literature course books.

Note- Most of the books or study materials available in the market are quite heavy on the pocket. Hence, go for smart work. Taking your syllabus as a reference, you can make notes from the material available online. The academic knowledge you already possess will also help while making notes. You could also talk to your teachers to access relevant material.

4-Month Study Plan for UGC NET English Preparation 

A sound strategy and smart work are required to pass the UGC NET Exam. For passing this exam, you have to make a strategy that would work the best for you. To help you for making a strategy, we are sharing the 4-month study plan, distributed week-wise, for the upcoming UGC NTA NET English 2022 for Paper 2.


Topics that need to be covered (including Revision of that topic at the end of the week)



Sub Topics

Week 1 (Day 1-7)

General topics

  • Ancient/ Classical Drama (3 Days)
  • History of English Literature and Language (3 Days)
  • Chaucer to Shakespeare (1 Day)

Week 2 (Day 8-14)

Unit I: Drama

  • Shakespeare and his Contemporaries (3 Days)
  • Jacobean Drama (2 Day)
  • Revise what you studied so far (2 Days)

Week 3 (Day 15-21)

Unit I: Drama

  • Jacobean Drama (1 Day)
  • 17th and 18th Century Drama (2 Days)
  • The theatre from 1901–45 (2 Days)
  • Modern drama (2 Days)

Week 4 (Day 22-28)

Unit I: Drama

  • American and other Non- British Drama (3 Days)
  • Revise Unit I (4 Days)

Week 5 (Day 8-14)

Unit II: Poetry

  • Canterbury Tales (2 Days)
  • Elizabethan Poetry (3 Days)
  • Revise Poetry covered so far (2 Days)

Week 6 (Day 8-14)

Unit II: Poetry

  • Jacobean, Restoration and Augustan poetry (2 Days)
  • Romantic poetry (3 Days)
  • Solve Previous Year Papers (2 Days)

Week 7 (Day 8-14)

Unit II: Poetry

  • Romantic poetry (1 Day)
  • Victorian Poetry (4 Days)
  • Contemporary Poetry and War Poets (2 Days)

Week 8 (Day 8-14)

Unit II: Poetry

  • Modern Poetry (3 Days)
  • American and other non-British poets (3)
  • Revise Unit II (1 Day)

Week 9 (Day 8-14)

Unit- III: Fiction, short story

  • Early Novels [Thomas Moore’s Utopia, etc.] (1 Day)
  • Novels of the Romantic Period (3 Day)
  • Victorian Novels (3 Days)

Week 10 (Day 8-14)

Unit- III: Fiction, short story Unit- IV: Non-Fictional Prose

  • Victorian Novels (1 day)
  • British Short Stories (2 Days)
  • American Short Stories (2 days)
  • Unit IV (2 Days)

Week 11 (Day 8-14)

Unit- IV: Non-Fictional Prose Unit- V: Language: Basic concepts, theories, and pedagogy. English in Use.

  • Unit IV (3 Days)
  • Unit V (3 Days)
  • Solve Previous Year Papers (1 Day)

Week 12 (Day 8-14)

Unit- VI: English in India: history, evolution, and futures.

  • Unit 6 (4 days)
  • Revise Poetry (2 Days)
  • Solve Past Year Question Paper (1 Day)

Week 13 (Day 8-14)

Unit- VII: Cultural Studies

  • Unit VII (4 Days)
  • Revise Unit 3 (3 Days)

Week 14 (Day 8-14)

Unit- VIII: Literary Criticism

  • Unit VIII (5 Days)
  • Attempt Mock Tests (2 Day)

Week 15 (Day 8-14)

Unit- IX: Literary Theory post World War II

  • Unit IX (4 Days)
  • Google major contemporary writers and their works across the world (1 Day)
  • Revise Units V, VI and VII (2 Days)

Week 16 (Day 8-14)

Unit- X: Research Methods and Materials in English

  • Unit X (1 Day)
  • Revise Units VIII & IX (2 Days)
  • Revise Units I and II (2 Days)
  • Revise Units III & IV (2 Days)

This study plan, if followed thoroughly, will organize your routine and boost up your exam preparation. This is, however, a mock study plan, you can make one that suits you the best.

Hence, to score better, start your preparation now and crack UGC NET Exam 2023 with good scores.

All the best for your exams,

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Short notes on Concept and Principles of Curriculum for UGC NET Paper 2: Education

Education in Ancient India for UGC NET

Preparation Tips for upcoming UGC NET Exam 2023

Check toppers tips for qualifying NET in English literature below

  • Check the full syllabus and examination pattern of UGC NET EXAM thoroughly.
  • Start preparing for the exam with a schedule.
  • Practice with the previous year’s question papers and their solution.
  • Keep revision of all topics from the topics daily.
  • Check your progress with mock tests.
  • Study carefully and do maintain your health.

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  • There are 2 papers in UGC NET English Literature. Paper-1 is to assess the teaching/research aptitude of the candidate and Paper - 2 is subject based to check the subject knowledge.

  • UGC NET & JRF are the same exams. The top 6% of students who qualify NET exam get JRF. So candidates need more marks for JRF as compared to NET.

  • No. There is no negative marking in the exam. UGC NET will have a total of 150 MCQs and candidates will be given 3 hours to complete the exam.


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