The Shear Reinforcement In RCC Is Provided To Resist

By Aina Parasher|Updated : July 8th, 2022

The shear reinforcement in RCC is provided to resist-

  1. Vertical shear
  2. Horizontal shear
  3. Diagonal compression
  4. Diagonal tension.

Answer: D. Diagonal tension

The shear reinforcement in RCC is provided to resist diagonal tension.


In RCC beam compressive stress is generated above the neutral axis and tensile stress is generated below the neutral axis. As concrete is strong in compression hence it can withstand compressive stress but concrete is weak in tension so it needs to be reinforced in the tension zone.

In the tension zone some cracks appear due to shear force generated due to transverse loading on the beam. These cracks occur due to diagonal tension in the beam. So to resist diagonal tension in the beam or slab, shear reinforcement is provided in the beam. The effect of diagonal compression is overcounted by concrete itself in the beam.

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