National Educational Alliance for Technology (NEAT) Scheme

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

NEAT stands for National Educational Alliance for Technology. This scheme has been launched in November 2019 by Ministry of Human Resource Development. it is a Public-Private Partnership Scheme. 


Objectives of the NEAT scheme

  • This is for the purpose of developing better outcomes in Higher Education.
  • One of the major objectives is to make learning both personalised along with customised depending, upon the requirements of the learner.
  • This can be done by using Artificial Intelligence.
  • To construct a national alliance along with the technology through the PPP model.
  • Strengthening the education sector in our country so as to provide better opportunities for the youth of this nation.
  • To provide support to the huge number of existing economically backward students by making education accessible to them.

Implementing Agency

MHRD has collaborated for the purpose of implementing this scheme with an agency, named, AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education).

  • AICTE is the national council for technical education in the country.
  • AICTE is a statutory body.
  • It was established in 1945 with an aim to improve our education system.
  • Initially, it was considered as an advisory body under the Department of Education, MHRD.
  • It was provided with the statutory status in 1987.

The main difference between AICTE and UGC is that the former deals with the specific forms of technological programmes of both Under Graduate and Post Graduate courses while the latter, mainly deals with non-technical courses.

Use of Technology in NEAT scheme

  • to meet the requirements of the diversity of learners, adaptive learning could be achieved by developing technologies.
  • MHRD wants to recognize the efforts of many start-up companies who are developing such kinds of technology.
  • So, that the learners can access it easily, the need of an hour is to bring all these companies together and working with them under the same ambit.

About the NEAT scheme: 

  • It proposes to create a National Alliance with such technology developing EdTech Companies through a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model.
  • MHRD will act as a facilitator to ensure that the Adaptive Learning Solutions are freely and easily available to a large number of economically backward students.
  • Under the scheme, a National NEAT platform will be created to provide one-stop access to Adaptive Learning Solutions.
  • EdTech companies will be responsible for creating solutions and manage the registrations of learners through the NEAT portal.
  • The scheme is aimed at taking the concept of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS) platform a step ahead.
  • Such Ed companies would be developing all the solutions along with the management of registrations which is to be done by them.
  • It permits the companies to charge fees but, instructions have been provided to them for generating free coupons to at least, twenty-five percent of the total number of the registered. Moreover, free coupons would be distributed by MHRD.
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