Salient Features of Indian Society

By Sneha Shanti|Updated : December 13th, 2018

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In today’s article, we have chalked out the transitions that the Indian society has been through all these years right from the days of Manu and the birth of the caste system. We have laid down various features of Indian society like:

  • Caste
  • Kinship
  • Marriage
  • Tribe
  • Language

We have also covered the ways in which these have had their spillover effect on Indian society.

Coming to the present-day scenario, despite India’s promising economic growth we are still one of the lowest ranked countries of the world.
India’s Human Development Index (HDI) rank is 130 out of 189 countries. A lot of this could be because of the strict adherence to some of these social features. Nevertheless, these shackles are breaking, and we are embarking on a more inclusive and liberated path to a Modern India while keeping our cultural roots intact.

P.S. The articles in this series will also be highly helpful for essay writings as they are based on the sociological and economical aspect of the syllabus.

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Salient Features of Indian Society

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