Open circuit electrical fault is also called as _______.

By Mandeep Kumar|Updated : August 8th, 2022

1. Series fault

2. Shunt fault

3. Series-Shunt fault

4. Short circuit fault

The various types of faults that occur in electrical networks, machines, and equipment are called electrical faults. The fault may appear in the power system network, including lighting, wind, trees falling on lines, apparatus failure, etc. There are two types of faults namely Open Circuit Faults and Short Circuit Faults.

Answer: Open circuit electrical fault is also called a Series fault.

Open circuit faults occur due to the failure of one or more conductors. The most common reasons for this type of fault are joint failures of cables, failure of the overhead lines, failure of one or more phases of the circuit breaker, melting of a fuse or conductor in one or more phases, etc. Open circuit faults are unsymmetrical or unbalanced types of faults except for three-phase open faults.

Effects of Open Circuit Faults

The effects of Open Circuit Faults are given below:

  • The personnel, as well as animals, might get in danger.

  • The system may operate abnormally.

  • In certain parts of the network, the voltage may exceed normal values.

  • It can damage the insulation.

  • It can vandalize the components of the equipment.


Open circuit electrical fault is also called as _______.

Another name for Open circuit electrical fault is Series fault.


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