Indian Navy SSR AA Syllabus 2023: Subject-Wise Navy Syllabus PDF Download

By BYJU'S Exam Prep  |   Updated on: January 2nd, 2024
Indian Navy SSR AA Syllabus 2023 for the upcoming exam has been released on the official website of the Navy along with the notification. Candidates must check out the subject-wise Indian Navy Syllabus, important topics, and PDF provided here.
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Indian Navy SSR AA Syllabus 2023 has been released along with the notification on the official Indian Navy website. All candidates appearing for the upcoming Navy exam must be well-equipped with the syllabus for the written test as it will help them outrank others in the examination. A well-versed cognizance of the syllabus will assist the candidates in framing an appropriate strategy to crack the exam. The Navy SSR syllabus comprises subjects like Science, Mathematics, English, and General Knowledge.

The applicants who get shortlisted for the written test will be able to proceed to the next round of selection, which is the Physical Fitness Test. Check out the details about the subject-wise Indian Navy SSR AA syllabus here along with the direct link to download the PDF.

Indian Navy SSR AA Syllabus 2023

It is of paramount importance for the candidates to get conversant with the Indian Navy syllabus 2023. Some candidates find the English subject to be the toughest, while for others, Mathematics is a hard nut to crack. Once they have got an understanding of the syllabus, the applicants will be able to pick out their strengths and weaknesses and start brushing the fundamentals.

The main topics from the Indian Navy SSR syllabus include kinematics, optics, logarithms, permutation and combination, prepositions, tenses, adjectives, culture and religion, sports, etc. Other than the syllabus, the candidates are highly recommended to look into the Indian Navy SSR AA previous year question papers to know the weightage of each section.

Indian Navy Syllabus PDF 2023

Candidates can download the Navy syllabus PDF 2023 provided here to understand the subjects and topics that are relevant from an exam point of view. By checking out the subject-wise syllabus, you will be able to pick out the topics which need more attention and time during your Navy SSR AA preparation. You can download the syllabus PDF and keep it saved on your device. Find the pdf given below:

Indian Navy SSR AA Syllabus – Download PDF

Navy SSR Syllabus for Science

Candidates need to get in touch with all the concepts and topics from the Navy SSR syllabus mentioned here to score well in the exam. Usually, the major questions are asked from the sections of Physics and Chemistry. The elucidated topic-wise syllabus has been facilitated herewith. Candidates can take a look at the table illustrated below and start preparing for the Science section with diligence to outperform in the upcoming exam.

Indian Navy SSR Syllabus for Science

Physical World and 


Motion of

System of Particles



Rigid Body/



Laws of Motion

Mechanics of Solids

and Fluids


Work, Energy and Power





Magnetic Effect of

Current and


Dual Nature of

Matter and Radiations




Induction and

Alternating Current

Atomic Nucleus/ Solid

and Semi-Conductor



Nutrition and Health



Principles of


Physiology and

Human Diseases


Metals and Non-Metals

Computer Science

Indian Navy SSR Syllabus for English

In the Indian Navy SSR AA exam, the English section comprises 25 questions. The main topics in this section are Prepositions, Tense, Synonyms & Antonyms, and Meaning of difficult words. To prepare for this section, consistent efforts are required to get the desired results. The candidates can look into the detailed Indian Navy syllabus given below and headstart with their preparations effectively.

Indian Navy Syllabus for English


Change direct to

indirect/indirect to


Synonyms and





of difficult words

Correction of



Use of adjectives


active to passive/

passive to active


Substituting phrasal

verbs for expression




Use of pronouns


Indian Navy SSR AA Syllabus for Mathematics

This section tests the Quantitative Aptitude of the candidates. The applicants need to maintain their pace to complete the exam within the stipulated time period. It is important for the candidates to gain proficiency in calculations to ace this section of the examination. The major topics of the Indian Navy syllabus for Mathematics have been listed here. The candidates must note down all the essential segments of the syllabus mentioned below –

  • Relations and Functions, Logarithms, Complex Numbers, Quadratics Equations, Sequences and Series, Trigonometry
  • Cartesian System of Rectangular Coordinates, Straight Lines Family of Straight Lines, Circles
  • Conic Section, Permutations and Combinations, Vectors, Exponential and Logarithmic Series, Sets, and Set, Theory, Statistics
  • Introduction to Three Dimensional Geometry, Probability Function, Limits and Continuity, Differentiation, Applications of Derivatives
  • Indefinite Integrals, Binomial Theorem, Matrices, Determinants, Definite Integrals

Navy Syllabus for General Awareness

The General Awareness syllabus has no defined boundaries and the current affairs section screens the candidates on the basis of the General Knowledge possessed by them. The candidates can look into the major topics from which the questions are expected to start their preparation. The details of the Indian Navy SSR AA syllabus for General Awareness are listed in the table below:

Navy SSR Syllabus for General Knowledge

Culture and Religion



Birds & Animals

Geography: Soil,

Rivers, Mountains,

Ports, Inland


Important National

Facts about India




Heritage, Arts,






of Players




Wars and



Capitals & Currencies

Common Names, Full

forms and


Awards and








Diseases and


Spatial, Numerical,

Reasoning &

Associative Ability

Coding and Decoding

Important Topics in Navy SSR Syllabus

There are certain topics in the Navy syllabus that are more important than others from an exam point of view. They bear more weightage in the exam in terms of marks and are more frequently asked. Every candidate appearing for the exam must ensure that they are preparing for the exam while prioritizing these topics. Check out the list of the most important topics for all subjects of the Navy SSR AA syllabus here.

  • English – Passage, Correction of sentences, Synonyms & Antonyms, Punctuation, Change direct to indirect/indirect to direct.
  • Mathematics – Statistics, Probability, Quadratics Equations, Sequences and Series, Trigonometry, Matrices.
  • Science – Laws of Motion, Heat Thermodynamics, Work, Energy and Power, Organic Chemistry.
  • General Awareness – Current Affairs, History, Sports, Coding & Decoding, Spatial, Numerical, Reasoning & Associative Ability.

How to Prepare for Indian Navy SSR AA Syllabus?

It is important for the candidates to prepare the Navy SSR syllabus with dedication if they want to excel in the exam. Candidates must work with an accurate layout of the strategy in the right direction. Here, we have facilitated some excellent preparation tips, curated by experts. Take a look at the tips given below to formulate your strategy:

  • Mark the areas of weakness and strengths. Keep improving the weakness and honing the strengths. 
  • The applicants need to consistently undergo practice to perform exceptionally well by maintaining accuracy and pace. 
  • Practice Indian Navy SSR AA mock tests and previous year papers to get habituated to the structure of the exam.
  • Do not forget to keep revising the essential domains of the Indian Navy SSR syllabus to get the desired results.

Physical Fitness Test (PFT) for Indian Navy SSR AA Recruitment Exam 2023

Successful completion of the Physical Fitness Test (PFT) is a prerequisite for selection into the Navy SSR AA positions. The PFT includes the following components:

  • A 1.6 km run to be completed within 7 minutes.
  • 20 sit-ups.
  • 10 push-ups.

Candidates who have actively participated in extracurricular activities such as sports and swimming will be given preference during the selection process.

Medical Standards for Indian Navy SSR AA Recruitment Exam 2023

Navy medical professionals conduct a thorough medical examination in accordance with established standards and regulations for candidates appearing in the Navy SSR AA Recruitment Examination. The medical standards are as follows:

  • Minimum height requirement for Navy posts: 157 cm.
  • Minimum chest expansion: 5 cm.
  • Candidates should possess sound mental health and should not have any medical conditions that would impede their ability to perform their duties efficiently.

Selection Process

Candidates will be selected based on a merit list compiled from their performance in the written tests, Physical Fitness Test, and the Medical Examination. The selection process differs slightly for the AA and SSR categories:

  • AA (Artificer Apprentice): Candidates will be recruited at the national level.
  • SSR (Senior Secondary Recruit): Recruitment for SSR positions will be conducted on a state-wise merit basis.

We encourage all candidates to prepare diligently for both the physical fitness test and the medical examination to maximize their chances of success in the Indian Navy SSR AA Recruitment Exam 2023.

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