Indian Navy MR 2021 Exam Preparation Tips and Guide

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Updated on: September 11th, 2023

The Indian Navy MR (Matric Recruit) 2021 Exam aims to recruit candidates for several posts of Sailors in the naval arm of the Indian armed forces. The Indian Navy MR Exam is conducted to recruit personnel for various posts including chefs, stewards, and hygienists.

It is a competitive public exam. It is held annually in every state. Thus, if you aspire to become a part of the naval force support staff, read further to gauge exactly how to crack the Indian Navy MR exam.

The Indian Navy MR (Matric Recruit) 2021 Exam aims to recruit candidates for several posts of Sailors in the naval arm of the Indian armed forces. The Indian Navy MR Exam is conducted to recruit personnel for various posts including chefs, stewards, and hygienists.

It is a competitive public exam. It is held annually in every state. Thus, if you aspire to become a part of the naval force support staff, read further to gauge exactly how to crack the Indian Navy MR exam.

Indian Navy MR 2021 Exam Preparation Tips & Strategies

  • One of the important tasks for preparing for the Indian Navy MR 2021 Exam is to practice solving the multiple type choice questions in every subject every day. One must study in a pattern that is similar to the exam.
  • The candidates must attempt to solve previous years’ question paper sets of the examination. This will help in improving the question-solving speed in the examination. In competitive exams, the number of questions you can solve in a particular allotted time frame is of the essence. You must be able to solve the maximum number of questions to be able to score more.
  • The aspirants must appear for Indian Navy MR mock tests as much as they can. Once the student is familiar with the exam ambiance and pattern of the question paper, the confidence of the student increases which helps in the overall performance.

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Tips to Crack Indian Navy MR 2021 Exam

  • To pass the Indian Navy MR 2021 exam, it is essential to plan before beginning the exam preparation. Candidates must plan the time allotment to each subject and in fact each topic.
  • Below is a suggested time allotment table to each subject that can aid the candidates in planning their syllabus study.

Name of the Subject

Time Allotted

Science and Mathematics

2.5-3 hours to each section every day including written practice

General Knowledge and Current Affairs

3-4 hours each day

  • Candidates must make sure to attempt at least three mock exams before the final examination.
  • Candidates must download question papers of old attempts and learn the pattern and type of questions that can be asked in the examination.
  • Besides the written examination, the candidate must maintain their health according to the physical standard set by the Indian naval authorities conducting the examination. They must comply with all the physical requirements set by them to qualify for the exam.
  • The students must also make time for extra activities required to prepare for General Knowledge subjects like reading newspapers, watching debates and discussion etc.
  • The candidates must spare adequate time for the entire revision of the syllabus at least three to four times before the final examination. Thus, it is important to plan the Indian Navy MR syllabus well and stick to the schedule every day.

Exam Pattern of Indian Navy MR 2021 Exam

The aspirants are given a choice to attempt the Indian Navy MR Exam in either of the two languages, i.e. English and Hindi. The candidates are required to pass in all the subjects and aggregate as well. The duration of the examination is 30 minutes. The question paper will be divided into four parts, and each part will consist of 25 questions each.

The subjects and maximum marks are tabled below:

Name of the Subject

No. of Questions

Maximum Marks

Science & Mathematics



General Knowledge






The difficulty level of the exam is of the same standard as that of Class X/Matric Level.

Syllabus Of Indian Navy MR Exam

Knowledge of syllabus is very important to start preparation for any exam. Indian Navy MR Syllabus provides a solid beginning to the Indian Navy MR exam, sets the tone for the Indian Navy MR exam. 

Section A – Science and Mathematics


  1. Force and Gravitation
  2. Laws of Motion of Newton
  3. Nature of Matter
  4. Work, Energy and Power
  5. Universe
  6. Electricity and its Applications
  7. Temperature
  8. Metals and Non-Metals
  9. Atomic Structure
  10. Carbon and its Compounds
  11. Wave Motion


  1. Mathematical Simplification
  2. Ratio and Proportion
  3. Algebraic Identities
  4. Linear Equations and Polynomials
  5. Simultaneous Equations
  6. Basic Trigonometry
  7. Geometry
  8. Simple Mensuration
  9. Average, Median and Mode
  10. Simple Interest
  11. Profit and Loss
  12. Percentage
  13. Speed and Distance
  14. Work and Time

Section B – General Knowledge and Current Affairs

  • Geography – Soil, Rivers, Mountains, Ports, Inland
  • Culture and Religion
  • Freedom Movement
  • Important National Facts about India
  • Heritage
  • Arts and Dance
  • History
  • Defence
  • Wars and Neighbours
  • Awards and Authors
  • Discoveries
  • Diseases and Nutrition
  • Current Affairs
  • Languages
  • Capital and Currencies
  • Common Names
  • Full Forms and Abbreviations
  • Eminent Personalities
  • National: – Bird / Animal / Sport / Flower / Anthem / Song / Flag / Monuments
  • Sports: – Championships / Winners / Terms / Number of Players

Subjects-wise Tips for Indian Navy MR Exam

  • The General Knowledge and Current Affairs curriculum comprises topics from varied disciplines. The candidates must keep themselves abreast about the current affairs and important events occurring around the world related to a specific topic/industry/culture etc.
  • Candidates must implement the habit of regularly reading newspapers that are renowned for their quality of content and journalism and keeping themselves updated about the real-life events occurring around the globe related to their subject.
  • Candidates must know their knowledge about the various affairs, events, dates, facts, prominent personalities and their biographies, wars, renowned scientific discoveries etc. to upgrade their General Knowledge.
  • Candidates must read and watch politically significant debates and discussions. They must keep themselves aware of the significant political agendas and events that are occurring and have occurred in the past.
  • Public exams like Indian Navy MR are particularly competitive, and thus candidates need to focus on improving their General Knowledge and awareness about current affairs thoroughly.
  • Subjects like Science require conceptual understanding and regular learning. Candidates must devote some time every day to study Science since some numerous concepts and topics are not feasible to learn by heart. Thus, students must understand every topic and spare enough time for at least two revisions before attempting mock tests.
  • Regular practice is also essential in Science since few topics entail problems and numerical questions. Hence, to improve problem-solving and analytical skills, it is advisable to practice them regularly.
  • There is no other way out except religious practice to prepare for the subject of Mathematics. The subject cannot be mugged. One has to understand every topic and practice the sums every day.
  • Speed is of the essence in the Mathematics exams. Since the questions are multiple-choice types, one has to solve a particular problem in different methods to find out one of the correct options. That could be time-consuming. Thus, to enhance speed in thinking and problem solving, one needs to practice each day.

Selection Procedure of Indian Navy MR Exam

The Indian Navy MR Exam selection is based on performance and merit. It is conducted state-wise. The procedure consists of three processes. They are: –

  • Computer-Based Examination
  • Physical Fitness Test
  • Medical Fitness Examination

The Computer Based Exam consists of 50 questions. Each question carries one mark each. All the questions are Multiple Choice Questions. It carries a negative marking of 0.25 per question. The subjects are General Knowledge, Science, and Mathematics. The difficulty level is equivalent to the Class X syllabus.

Physical and Medical Standards of Indian Navy MR Exam

The Physical Fitness Test for Indian Navy MR 2021 Exam recruitment consists of the following:

  • A run for about 6kms within 7 minutes
  • 20 squats
  • 10 push-ups

The medical standards to qualify the exam are mentioned below:

  • The minimum height requirement is 157cms.
  • Chest and weight should be proportionate with each other. Chest expansion should be 5cms minimum.
  • Candidates need to get through the preliminary medical exam first. After the preliminary medical exam, the candidates will be called for the final enrollment medical test, which will be held at INS Chilka.
  • Candidates who meet all the requirements of all the tests will be selected and enrolled. Candidates who do not qualify may appeal, at their desire, within 21 days to INHS Kalyani in Visakhapatnam.

Other requirements mandatory to qualify for the Indian Navy MR 2021 exam

Vision standards required to clear the exam includes: –

  • The better eye should be 6/6.
  • The worse eye should 6/9 without spectacles.
  • Permanent tattoos are permitted only on the inner side of the forearm.


Therefore, the candidates must keep in mind all the physical and academic requirements to pass with flying colors in the Indian Navy MR Exam. The physical requirements warranted in the selection procedure are crucial and must be complied with.

Concerning the written exam, candidates must try to follow the strategies and tips enlisted above. Apart from the above, the self-study and preparation of the student matter tremendously. The candidate must be self-motivated and have a strong will to succeed in this competitive arena.

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