Indian Navy MR Salary 2023: In Hand, Pay Slip, Perks, Benefits

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Updated on: September 11th, 2023

The Indian Navy releases the Indian Navy MR Salary information on its official website. Finding employment at the prestigious Indian Navy is a goal for many candidates. Before continuing your preparations, you must have a solid understanding of the Indian Navy MR salary and job profile.

In this post, you will get all information regarding the Indian Navy MR salary along with rank-wise pay scale, allowances, benefits, perks, and growth.

Indian Navy MR Salary 2023

Besides the lucrative Indian Navy MR Salary, candidates are attracted by the pride and honor of being in the defence forces. But when applying for Indian Navy MR Recruitment for various positions in the defence and civilian sectors, awareness of such data is crucial. The Indian Navy MR salary depends on the law, the job’s requirements, and the location of the position.

Indian Navy MR Salary Structure


INR 21,800 (Matrix level-3)

Salary During Provision Period

INR 14,000

Major Allowances

House Rent Allowance, Travel Allowance, City Compensatory Allowance, Military Service Pay, etc.

Indian Navy MR In Hand Salary

As previously stated, the MR is paid a monthly Indian Navy MR salary of INR 21,800. The base income, dearness allowances, and other reimbursements are also granted each month. The Navy is pretty compensated, considering it is involved in marine operations. Below is information about the Indian Navy MR Salary, perks, and benefits.

The basic pay, which is the net sum one would receive after adding different allowances like dearness allowance, housing rent allowance, etc., and deducting other exclusions like pension and additional coverage, serve as the basis for the in-hand Indian Navy MR salary.

Indian Navy MR Perks and Benefits

The Indian Navy MR allowances provide enough coverage for necessities like food, clothing, and medical expenses. Aside from the Indian Navy MR salary, they receive several other benefits and allowances. Go through the Indian Navy MR perks and benefits below:

  • Medical Reimbursements: This is the essential benefit the Indian Navy MR receives. This is given to employees to help them with the costs of medical care or medical bills.
  • Furniture Allowance: The furniture allowance is another essential benefit that employees receive. These are granted to employees to cover the costs of furnishing the residences in which they live.
  • Dearness Allowances: This specific percentage is supposed to reduce the base wage to interpret inflation’s effect on people.
  • Other Reimbursements: Employees may be eligible for additional benefits based on their qualifications, such as work experience and other considerations. They get reimbursed for fuel used for official purposes. As previously indicated, they also receive allowances for home repair and furnishing. Canteen and loan facilities, Leave Travel Concession, Pension Scheme Gratuity on Retirement, Insurance Coverage Up to 50 Lakhs, and other benefits are available.


Indian Navy MR Salary Slip

After each payment cycle, employees receive an Indian Navy MR salary slip for the previous month’s salary. This employee salary slip contains all the data of the preceding month’s deductions and allowances. The salary slip can be used for various purposes, including obtaining loans and filling out the annual Income Tax form. We’ll go into detail about the factors stated in the Indian Navy MR salary slip:

  • In Hand Salary: During his time as an Indian Navy MR, the individual receives an in-hand salary of INR 21,800.
  • House Rent Allowances: After the 7th Pay Commission, employees are given House Rent Allowances based on their posting location to help them cope with the high cost of living in a city. The HRA is determined based on the place where the employee is assigned.
  • Military Service Pay: When calculating Dearness Allowances and the pension, the MSP is used as the base pay. However, MSP is not considered for House Rent Allowances, Composite Transfer Grant, and Annual Increment.

Indian Navy MR Salary: Probation Period

After the selection process has gone through all of the stages, the candidates who have been shortlisted must go through a two-year probation term. They are compensated with an Indian Navy MR Salary of INR 14,000 during the training session. The ultimate recruitment is based purely on the candidates’ performance throughout the probation term.

Indian Navy MR Job Profile and Responsibilities

Candidates must pay close attention to their Indian Navy MR job profile and responsibilities when they enlist in the recruitment. According to their qualifications, they serve as support employees in the Navy’s organizational structure. The Indian Navy MR job profile and responsibilities are listed below:

Post Indian Navy MR Job Profile
Hygienist Cleaning and maintaining cleanliness and hygiene are a hygienist’s primary responsibilities. They may, however, be given other tasks if necessary.
Steward The key duties include keeping accounts up to date, creating menus, and serving food at officers’ offices. They are given additional responsibilities as needed.
Chef The chef needs to have experience and training in preparing vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Additionally, they are in charge of ration accounting.

Indian Navy MR Promotion and Career Growth 

Because it is a government profession with many privileges, the Indian Navy MR career growth has been phenomenal in the Navy. Promotion opportunities are available up to Master Chief Petty Officer, or level 8 of the defence pay matrix, with a monthly starting pay (MSP) of INR 5,200 and a Salary range of INR 47,600 to INR 1,51,000.

The Indian Navy MR who perform well, pass the required exams, and pass services selection boards may also be eligible for promotion to the commissioned officer rank. They could be elevated to Master Chief Petty Officer due to their advancement.

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