Important Idioms, Phrases & Phrasal Verbs Starting With Letter 'K'

By Astha Shukla|Updated : July 7th, 2018

In this post, we are sharing important idioms, phrases and Phrasal verbs starting with letter 'K'. The meanings, Hindi Meanings and usage of the idioms/phrases and phrasal verbs shared will help you in understanding them well. Let's go through today's post now - 

Important Idioms & Phrases with Letter 'K'

1. Keep a lid on 

Meaning -  to control the level of something in order to stop it increasing/to keep something secret.

Meaning (Hindi) -
  गोपनीय रखना

Example -The government has intervened to keep a lid on inflation.

2. Keep an eye on/Keep an eye out for

Meaning -   Check something regularly/To remain vigilant or carefully watchful (for something or someone). 

Meaning (Hindi) - नजर रखना

Example - You need to keep an eye on what you eat in a day as you are getting fat.
                 The train should be arriving any minute,so keep an eye out for it.

3. Keep a level head

Meaning -  to remain calm and sensible no matter how difficult or distressful the situation may be.

Meaning (Hindi) - शांत बने रहना 

Example -  You have to keep a level head during business negotiations.

4. Keen as mustard

Meaning -  very eager, enthusiastic or motivated.

Meaning (Hindi) -  बहुत उत्सुक, उत्साही और प्रेरित

Example - Little kids are always as keen as mustard to learn new things around them.

5. Keep at something

Meaning -  To continue trying to do or achieve something, especially after initial failures or setbacks

Meaning (Hindi) -  असफलताओ के बाद भी प्रयास जारी रखना 

Example - Getting a good place to live in a new city is tough, but you just have to keep at it.

6. Keep body and soul together

Meaning - To earn a sufficient amount of money in order to keep yourself alive/To survive, especially through very modest means.

Meaning (Hindi) - गुज़ारा करना

Example - You should search for another job as your wages are barely enough to keep body and soul together.

7. Keep in touch with

Meaning -   To maintain contact with another person, especially at intervals so as to remain up to date with each other's lives.

Meaning (Hindi) -  संपर्क में रहना

Example - You should try to keep in touch with current events by reading the newspapers.

8. Keep one's chin up

Meaning - Remain brave and confident in a difficult situation/ To remain joyful in a tough situation 

Meaning (Hindi) -  कठिन परिस्तिथि में भी आशावादी और जोशपूर्ण बने रहना 

Example - You must not let the difficulties intimidate you; keep your chin up. Everything will be better soon.

9. Keep one's fingers crossed

Meaning -  Hope for the best 

Meaning (Hindi) -  आशा करना

Example - I have performed good enough to receive the first prize, I am keeping my fingers crossed about the final result.

10. Keep one's nose to the grindstone

Meaning - To work hard or focus heavily on work 

Meaning (Hindi) -  कोल्हू के बैल की तरह जुटे रहना

Example - Ravi kept her nose to the grindstone to pass in the exam.

11. Keep someone at arm's length

Meaning -  If you keep someone at arm's length, you do not allow yourself to become too friendly with them. 

Meaning (Hindi) -  दूर से सलाम करना, दूरी बनाये रखना 

Example - To maintain a professional relationship with his clients, he preferred to keep them at arm’s length when outside of business dealings.

12. Kith and kin

Meaning -   Relatives 

Meaning (Hindi) -  परिचित और संबंधी

Example - The minister helped his kith and kin to get direct entry to the concert.

13. Knock up against something

Meaning - Be confronted with/to bump against someone or something/to strike something against something. 

Meaning (Hindi) - प्रहार करना

Example - The large tree knocked against the house in the storm.

 Important Phrasal Verb Starting With Letter 'K'

14. Keep at

Meaning - Persevere/To continue trying to do or achieve something

Meaning (Hindi) - सुरक्षित रखना

Example - My sister encouraged me to keep at my badminton skills.

15. Keep back

Meaning -remain (or cause someone or something to remain) at a distance.

Meaning (Hindi) - छिपाना, रोकना

Example - As the film star is coming for the inauguration, a barrier will be installed to keep back the fans.

16. Keep on

Meaning -  Continue doing something/to continue to talk in an annoying way about something

Meaning (Hindi) - आगे बढ़ाना, जारी रखना 

Example - I asked the students to be silent, but they kept on making noise.

17. Keep up with

Meaning -  Stay at the same level as someone or something.

Meaning (Hindi) -   स्थापित रखना,  गिरने से रोकना

Example - It is essential to keep up with your current preparation level so that you score good marks.

18. Kneel down

Meaning -  Go down on your knees.

Meaning (Hindi) - घुटने टेकना

Example -: The mother asked the child to kneel down and pray to god.

19. Kick off

Meaning - Begin/the start of an event or activity.

Meaning (Hindi) - प्रारम्भ करना

Example -: The IPL matches are all set to kick off in November.

21. Knock-down

Meaning - Strike someone or something to the ground.

Meaning (Hindi) -  ठोकर मारना

Example -: The senior student knocked down the junior by his cycle.

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