IBPS PO Reasoning Ability Preparation Tips 2022 & Important Questions

By Amrit Gouda|Updated : August 9th, 2022

Reasoning ability preparation strategy plays a very important role in the IBPS PO Exam as it is one of the most important sections of the IBPS PO Exam. You can maintain higher accuracy and speed in this section.


We are sharing IBPO PO reasoning preparation tricks to attain a good score in the reasoning section of IBPS PO. Let's discuss the Reasoning ability tips and tricks for all the important chapters.

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Reasoning Ability is a significant and high-scoring section for the IBPS PO 2022. Comprehend this important IBPS PO reasoning ability strategy and tips to know the right approach you should follow while attempting the reasoning section of the IBPS PO exam. 

Let's discuss the best tips for IBPS PO reasoning preparation.  

Important IBPS PO Reasoning Ability Topic:

IBPS PO syllabus Reasoning Ability section examines one’s manner of speculating about something in a logical way in order to form a conclusion or judgment.

Now, Let's look at the various topics of the IBPS PO Reasoning Ability Syllabus that are asked in the IBPS PO Reasoning Ability section:






Reverse Syllogism




Order & ranking


Basics of Inequality


Blood Relations


Direction Sense




Data Sufficiency


Basics of Puzzles 


Ranks of Alphabets

IBPS PO 2022 - Expected Reasoning Questions:

the expected number of questions from various topics of reasoning for the IBPS PO 2022 exam from various topics of this section are:

Topic NameExpected No. of Question
Puzzles/Seating Arrangement15-20
Alphanumeric Series5

IBPS PO Preparation Tips for Reasoning Topics:

Now, let us go through the strategy you should follow in preparation for the IBPS PO exam:


Inequality may be asked in:

  1. Coded Inequality
  2. Direct Inequality

To have a better comprehension of the approach to this topic, have a look at the table below:

inequality table


  1. Questions on Syllogism contain two or more statements.
  2. These statements are followed by a number of conclusions.
  3. You have to find which conclusions logically follow from the given statements.
  4. Try to use Venn Diagrams to solve these questions.


  1. In coding-decoding, actual words are coded in some other terms.
  2. Few coded sentences give us the approach of the concerned coded words.
  3. Once all the words are decoded, the answer to any related question can be given in seconds.

Puzzles/Seating Arrangement:

  1. These are major topics in the reasoning section.
  2. The good part about these topics is that they come in sets.
  3. Once you get the arrangement correct, you can easily answer all the questions.
  4. You cannot clear the reasoning section without preparing for the Puzzles. 

Miscellaneous Topics:

Apart from the above-mentioned topics, the questions may be asked from the following -

  1. Ranking based
  2. Blood relations
  3. Distance and direction
  4. Alphabets based coding


  1. This is primarily a topic of logical reasoning where a set of words, numbers or their combination is given in a particular sequence in various steps.
  2. You need to identify the pattern in which the initial input is given.
  3. To you are processed in various steps and then apply the same pattern to the statement in the questions and answer accordingly.

Data Sufficiency:

  • The first and foremost thing to do is go through the complete question properly first.
  • You’ll be able to make out what data is required to arrive at the answer to the question and then proceed to the statements that have been provided.
  • Remember, you don’t have to solve the question completely.
  • Analyze each statement separately first.
  • Do not mark the answer after testing just one statement. For instance, even if you conclude that the data in statement 1 is sufficient to answer the question, do not forget to check for the other statements.
  • Use the process of elimination of options to narrow down the possible answers.
  • Questions on this topic can be from the topics Puzzles, Order & Ranking, Blood Relations, Coding-Decoding, Directions & Distances, Ages & Birthdates, etc.

Alphanumeric Series:

  • This is one of the easy topics in the reasoning ability section, but it requires a quick understanding of the terms like, right, left, in the middle of, and so on.
  • Also, quick calculations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc.) are required to solve numerical series.
  • You can easily score 5 marks on this topic by answering these questions attentively.

Let's understand the alphanumeric series more by examples:

Numerical Series: 

  • Numerical series consists of a few sets of numbers and you are supposed to perform the operations as per the requirement.
    • IBPS PO Reasoning Questions: 723 316 451 539 876

Alphabet Series: 

  • The Alphabet series consists of sets of words where you have to apply certain operations.
    • IBPS PO Reasoning Questions: CUT    RAT    LIN    HUT    LAN
    • IBPS PO Reasoning Questionsg:  abbc_ab_c_bbc

Alphanumeric Series:

  • Questions on this type of series consist of alphabets and numbers only.
    • IBPS PO Reasoning Questions: F 6 H 8 W I 9 Y 4 K 3 L 3 T J E 9 1 0 H 1

Alphanumeric Symbol Sequence series: 

  • This series contains alphabets, numbers, and symbols arranged in a sequence.
    • IBPS PO Reasoning Questions: 5 P ) S Y 9 ( * & 1 D ? 1 ^ Q % d T % U H F ! c 4

Expert Tips for Reasoning Section:

  • Time Management:
    • Time management is essential from the IBPS PO exam point of view.
    • It plays a key role in determining your score.
    • Analyze your weak and strong areas and learn to manage your time accordingly in the exam.
    • The time allotted to the section should be according to your weaker and stronger sections.
    • The reasoning is usually not time taking but you can get stuck in a few questions like puzzles and seating arrangements.
    • So the practice of these topics is a must.
  • Speed and Accuracy:
    • Speed plays an important role since questions can be tricky to understand at times.
    • You need to be sharp while attempting these questions to ensure high accuracy.
    • Remember, you do not need to attempt each and every question.
    • This exam is just qualifying in nature and therefore, you are suggested to solve enough questions accurately to clear the sectional and overall IBPS PO cutoff.
    • Each wrong answer can prove to be costly in your final score.
    • Go through the previous year's IBPS PO question paper to understand the level and types of questions asked.

Tips For IBPS PO 2022 Reasoning Ability Section

  • First, go through the question papers of the last 3-4 years and solve them.
  • Understand the important chapters, your strength, and your weakness.
  • Start studying important concepts from our app or from any standard book.
  • Practice sectional tests regularly to assess your progress.
  • Revise in an organized way and follow a perfect study plan.

So we have discussed the important chapters of the reasoning ability section, tips and tricks to cover the section, expert tips to crack the reasoning ability section, and all the study notes of the reasoning ability section preparation for the IBPS PO 2022.

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  • Go through the basic concepts first and then practice MCQs.

  • Syllogism, inequality, blood relation, direction sense are some of the important Reasoning chapters for IBPS PO.

  • On BYJU'S Exam Prep app or website, you can practice Reasoning Ability questions for IBPS PO.

  • In this article, you can find all the chapter-wise Reasoning Ability study notes for the IBPS PO 2022.

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