Programming & Data Structures Revision Notes for GATE CS Exam

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Programming & Data Structures Revision Notes for GATE CS Exam: GATE CS 2021 Champion Study Plan has completed its first level of providing concepts of Programming & Data Structures within the time period mentioned in the schedule. So, here is the time for quick revision of the Programming & Data Structures before heading to its champion test.

In this article, you will find the related Notes and quizzes which have been released throughout the preparation of the subject with some other useful articles. This article would be very useful for the future when the whole syllabus would be completed and the revision period of the subject would be going on. Aspiring candidates can enjoy this text and boost their preparation with an ongoing champion Study plan for GATE CS 2021.


Champion Study Plan is specially designed for the aspirants so that they can access all short notes, complete relevant content from one place. This article is specifically designed to have hands-on content while revision or when the syllabus gets completed. Having all the topics, sub-topics, and related notes in one place is a great way of strategizing your preparation. 

Champion Study Plan will help in boosting up your performance by providing a glimpse of the syllabus along with study notes. This is a time saviour article, aspirants do not need to run here and there for searching and then revising notes.

Notes for Programming & Data Structures:

Here we provide all related Notes for Programming & Data Structures which has been released throughout the preparation. The Schedule has been successfully pursued for eleven days as follows: 

Programming & Data Structures
Day Topic Quiz
Day-1 Introduction of DS

Notes on Arrays

Day-3 Notes on Linked Lists
Day-4 Notes on Programming in C

Notes on Recursion


Notes  on Stacks

Day-7 Notes onQueues

Notes on Binary Heaps


Notes on Tree 

Day-10 Notes on Binary Search Tree and AVL
Day-11  Notes on Graphs 

Other Useful Articles

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Detailed GATE CSE 2021 Champion Study Plan

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Data Structures & Programming


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