Data Structures & Programming

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Important programming & data structures notes for GATE & CSE exams. Programming and Data Structure (DS) is one of the important subjects of Computer Science Engineering. This subject carries a weightage of average 12-15 marks in GATE, BARC, ISRO & other CS exams. This is a one-stop destination where you will find all the required GATE exam notes for programming and data structure section. Get here the compiled list of topics such as Functions include static variables, functions include pointers, Linked list, tree, structure, Linked list, Queues asked under Programming and Data Structure for the upcoming GATE 2020, ISRO and other CS exams.

Programming & Data Structure

Programming and Data Structure Books

Programming and Data Structure important Topics for GATE Computer Science Engineering

Programming and Data Structure Weightage & Analysis for GATE Computer Science Engineering

GATE CSE: Introduction of Data Structure 

Programming and Data Structure Notes for Computer Science

Arrays and Linked Lists
Binary Heaps
Binary Search Trees
Stacks and Queues
Programming in C
Data Structures

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