Ultimate Strength to Cement is Provided by

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Ultimate strength to cement is provided by

  1. Tricalcium silicate
  2. Dicalcium silicate
  3. Tricalcium illuminate
  4. Tetra calcium alumino ferrite

Answer: B. Dicalcium silicate

Ultimate strength to cement is provided by dicalcium silicate.


Tricalcium silicate (30-50%) is also known as ‘Alite’. It is responsible for the initial strength of cement.

  • Hydrates rapidly and generates high heat of hydration.
  • Resistant to freezing and thawing

Dicalcium silicate (20-45%) is also known as belite. It provides ultimate strength to the cement.

  • Gives less heat of hydration
  • Resistance to chemical attack

Tricalcium aluminate (8 to 12%) rapidly reacts with water and are responsible for flash setting. It is responsible for evaluation of high heat of hydration

Tetracalcium alumino-ferrite (6 to 10%) is known as felite. It is responsible for maximum heat of hydration in the initial stage but very low contribution to strength.

Hence, the ultimate strength to cement is provided by dicalcium silicate.

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