The Surface Runoff is the Quantity of Water

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The surface runoff is the quantity of water-

  1. Absorbed by soil.
  2. Intercepted by buildings and vegetative cover.
  3. Required to fill surface depressions.
  4. That reaches the stream channels.
  5. That gets evaporated.

Answer: D. That reaches the stream channels

The surface runoff is the quantity of water that reaches the stream channels.


Runoff is the amount of water excess to the absorption capacity of soil. It can be classified as surface runoff, interflow and base flow depending on the source.

  • Surface runoff: Surface runoff is the amount of water that will generate due to excess precipitation. This excess water from the catchment finally goes into stream channels.
  • Interflow: Interflow is classified as sub-surface runoff that is flowing below the ground level and finally reaches stream channels. But the speed of interflow is more than the surface runoff.
  •  Base flow: Base flow is the amount of water that already exists in streamflow. Base flow is not directly generated due to excess runoff.

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