The Initial Basin Recharge is Equal to

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The initial basin recharge is equal to

  1. interception
  2. depression storage
  3. rain absorbed by the moisture deficiency
  4. all the above

Answer: 4. all the above

The initial basin recharge is equal to all of the above i.e, interception, depression storage and rain absorbed by the moisture deficiency.


Depression storage: Depression storage refers to little low spots on undulating terrain that can retain precipitation that would otherwise become runoff. The precipitation that has accumulated in these depressions is either absorbed or dissipated. Both previous and impermeable surfaces can store depression; however, depression storage on undisturbed, pervious surfaces is far higher.

In order to increase drainage and prevent depression accumulation, standard design and building procedures remove these natural depressions.

Interception: Precipitation that does not reach the soil but is intercepted by the leaves, branches, and the forest floor is referred to as interception. It occurs on the forest floor or litter layer, as well as in the canopy (i.e. canopy interception). Interception of liquid water normally results in the loss of that precipitation for the drainage basin due to evaporation, with the exception of fog interception, which increases flood protection substantially.

Moisture deficiency: It is defined as the difference between the measured evapotranspiration and effective precipitation. 

Moisture Deficit = ET – Effective Precipitation

Thus, we can conclude that initial basin recharge is equal to all of the above-mentioned points.

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