The Hydrostatic Force Acts Through

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The hydrostatic force acts through-

  1. Centre of pressure
  2. Centre of top edge
  3. Centre of bottom edge
  4. Metacentre

Answer: A. Centre of pressure

The hydrostatic force acts through centre of pressure.


Hydrostatic pressure is the pressure acting on a stationary body in the stationary fluid. Hydrostatic pressure at a distance of “h” from the free surface of the water level can be expressed as ρgh.

where, ρ= density of fluid, g= acceleration due to gravity, and h is the height of fluid above the body from the free surface.

Hydrostatic pressure acts on the centre of pressure which can be expressed as

where, I= moment of inertia about free surface

Ig=moment of inertia about centre of gravity of body. Hence, the hydrostatic force acts through centre of pressure.

NOTE: The metacentre is the point through which the centre of buoyancy line passes.

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