The Angle of Internal Friction is Least for

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The Angle of Internal Friction is least for-

  1. Angular grained loose sand
  2. Round grained loose sand
  3. Silts
  4. Clays

Answer: D. Clays

The angle of internal friction is least for clays.


The Angle of Internal Friction is least for clays.

The maximum resistance shown by the soil just before failure is called Shear Strength.

The equation for the shear stress is given by Coulomb.

                 S=C + σ tan Φ


             S – Shear Strength of Soil

             C – Cohesion of the Soil

             σ – Normal Stress on the Plane

             Φ – Angle of Internal Friction

Different types of soil based on C and Q values:

1. C – Φ soil

C ≠ 0

Φ ≠ 0

2. Cohesionless Soil

C = 0

Φ ≠ 0

3. Cohesive Soil 

C ≠  0

Φ = 0

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