Slump Test of Concrete is a Measure of its

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Slump test of concrete is a measure of its-

  1. Tensile Strength
  2. Compressive Strength
  3. Impact Value
  4. Consistency

Answer: D. Consistency

Slump test of concrete is a measure of its consistency. 


A slump test is the easiest test to find out the workability of concrete. The slump test requires a very low cost and gives immediate results. The slump test of concrete is a measure of its consistencyAccording to IS 456, Values of slumps for different workability of concrete are represented below.

Degree of Workability

Very low




Very High

Slump Value (in mm)

< 25





In a concrete slump test, slump is nothing but the difference between the height of the concrete before removing the slump cone and height of the concrete after removing of slump cone. Different types of slump are shown below.

  • True Slump: In a real Slump, the concrete easily vanishes, keeping up the shape. This slump is used in several tests.
  • Zero Slump: Here concrete maintains the actual shape of the mould and shows stiff, consistent and no workability.
  • Collapsed slump: In this case, fresh concrete collapses entirely and the mix is too wet or high workability mix. Slump test isn’t suitable for such mix.
  • Shear Slump: The shear Slump signifies that the result is incomplete, and the concrete needs to be tested again.. If a shear Slump or collapse is achieved, a new sample must be possessed, and the test is done again.

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