In Chain Surveying Field Work is Limited to

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

In chain surveying field work is limited to

  1. linear measurements only
  2. angular measurements only
  3. both linear and angular measurements
  4. all the above. 

Answer: 1. linear measurements only

In chain surveying field work is limited to linear measurements only


The chain survey is the most basic type of survey. Only measurements are taken in the field during a chain survey; the rest of the work, such as charting, calculating, and so on, is done in the office. There are no angular measurements taken here; only linear measurements are taken. This is best suited to little planes with minimal embellishments. When done correctly, it produces very accurate results. Hence, it can be concluded that in chain surveying field work is limited to linear measurements only.

Fieldwork necessitates the following requirements:

  • Tape
  • Chain
  • Ranging-Rod
  • Cross staff
  • Arrows

In the following situations, a chain survey is appropriate:

  • The region that needs to be surveyed is quite modest.
  • The ground is relatively flat.
  • The space is open, and the details that need to be filled in are simple and limited.

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