The Numerical Ratio of Displacement to Distance for a Moving Object is

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

(a) Always less than 1

(b) Always equal to 1

(c) Always more than 1

(d) Equal or less than 1.

The numerical ratio of displacement to distance for a moving object is equal or less than 1

While distance is the actual length of the road travelled, displacement is the distance that is the shortest between a journey’s beginning and ending points.

As a result, the distance will be always larger than or equal to the displacement. As a result, since the denominator (distance) is either more than or equal to the numerator, the ratio of displacement to distance will always be less than or equal to 1. (displacement).

  • While distance and displacement appear to signify the same thing, they actually have very different definitions and meanings.
  • A scalar quantity known as distance measures “how much ground an object has traversed” while moving.
  • An object’s total change in position is referred to as displacement, a vector variable that measures “how far out of place an object is.”
  • Distance is the total distance a body travels in a given amount of time.

Most often, displacement is utilised to quantify a vector quantity. In addition, displacement is essentially defined as the measurement of the shortest distance between any two places along a straight line, taking into account both direction and distance. Surprisingly, the displacement unit resembles the distance unit.


The Numerical Ratio of Displacement to Distance for a Moving Object is

For a moving object, the displacement to distance ratio is either equal to or less than 1. Displacement, on the other hand, is the shortest distance between the starting and finishing places of a journey. Distance is the actual length of the route travelled.

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