Lecturette Topics for SSB Interview 2022 – Complete Process, Answers

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Lecturette in SSB Interview is one of the most important topics. Aspirants must prepare well in Lecturette to make a good impression on the GTO (Group Task Officer). Students find it challenging to prepare SSB Lecturette topics, So we bring you some essential Lecturette topics for SSB in one place that is generally asked.

What is Lecturette in SSB?

Lecturette is one of the tests during the SSB interview to test the personality of the candidate and test them per the Officer Like Qualities. The Lecturette Topics in SSB Interview is about speaking on a given topic for a given period.

Because an officer in the Indian Armed Forces must lead and command his men, that is the primary motivation behind this test. He must possess the capacity for expression to inspire his soldiers and guide them in whichever direction he sees fit.

Process of Lecturette in SSB

One of the activities that are completed on day two of the GTO assignments is the Lecturette. The following is the process of Lecturette in SSB:

  • In the lecturette test, all candidates it in a circular arrangement based on their chest numbers.
  • The candidate is given a cue card with 4 topics written; out of that, he needs to choose any of the given topics.
  • The candidate is given 3 minutes to prepare the topic and then speak on it for 3 minutes.
  • After 3 minutes, the candidate is called by the GTO, submits his card, and comes in front of the group and gives a small lecture on the subject.
  • While the first candidate is giving the lecture, the second candidates pick up a cue card, chooses the topic & starts preparing.
  • When the first candidate finishes, the second one is called by the GTO and then told to deliver his lecturette on his chosen topic.

What is Tested in Lecturette in SSB Interview?

The Lecturette portion tests the candidate’s ability to communicate their ideas to his team under time constraints effectively. Before the Lecturette starts, the GTO makes small talk with all the candidates in the group, asking them to say the following things:

  1. Name
  2. Place
  3. Parents’ Occupation
  4. Qualification/ Profession
  5. Hobbies

Lecturette is the test of whether a candidate has adequate knowledge and, based on that, knows how well he can organize his thoughts in less time in an SSB Interview. Also, his confidence is tested by his command of the language.

A great leader is always regarded as the one who can rally men into the battlefield by his words. The leader must be a great orator who can pump up Josh within the soldier during hardship. 

Officer Like Qualities (OLQs):

  • Organizing Ability
  • Power of Expression
  • Confidence
  • Liveliness
  • Effective Intelligence
  • Ability of Influence

Lecturette Topics for SSB Interview with Answers 

Here are some essential Lecturette Topics for SSB that are generally asked in every interview. These Lecturette topics are common for every SSB entry. Here you can find Lecturette topics for SSB interview with answers:

We also invite you to suggest some previously asked topics in your interview, and we will also make a Lecturette for SSB. You can also check our SSB Interview Online Coaching.


The rest of the topics mentioned will be updated in due time. We hope this initiative will help you clear the Lecturette process of the SSB interview. We will soon release an article on tips and techniques to improve your Lecturette speaking skills.

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