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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

SSB stands for Services Selection Board. Mostly, the Indian Army & the Indian Navy use this particular term in their call letter. The Indian Army has services selection boards at Allahabad, Bhopal & Bangalore which are responsible for recommending the potential candidates to become Army officers. The Indian navy has naval services selection boards at Bangalore, Bhopal, and Coimbatore. Soon they are going to open a new naval selection board in Bengal.

AFSB stands for Air Force Selection Board, the key function of AFSB is to conduct interviews for the aspirants & to recommend potential candidates to become officers in the Indian Air Force. There are in total four AFSBs all over India which are, AFSB Dehradun, AFSB Gandhinagar, AFSB Mysore, and AFSB Varanasi. The candidates can attend AFSB interviews through CDSE & AFCAT entry. Sometimes the Indian Air Force also conducts FTS (Fast Track Selection), which is an alternate way to get into the Indian Air Force.

AFSB VS SSB Interview Process: Complete Details

Age limit

  • For SSB, the minimum age limit for the Indian army is 16.5 years (for NDA) to 24 years (for CDSE) at the time of reporting for training.
  • Whereas AFSB entertains the aspirants for minimum age within 20 to 26 years (for AFCAT)

Education qualification

  • The candidates who have passed graduation/appearing for their final year of graduation are eligible to apply for the CDS exam provided they submit a relevant certificate of passing the exam at the time of commencement of the course. The candidates who have appeared/appeared in the 12th class (10+2) examination are eligible to appear for the NDA.
  • Considering for the AFCAT entry – Graduation (minimum of 3 years) in any discipline with a minimum of 60% marks and have passed Physics & Maths as a subject at 10+2 level B.E or B Tech from a recognized University with minimum 60% marks.

Different exams to appear for SSB/ AFSB interview

  • For attending the SSB, the entries areNDA, UES, CDS, TES, TGC, SSC-tech, and NCC
  • For attending the AFSB board entries are– NDA, AFCAT, CDSE

Call-up letters & date selection

  • If we speak about SSB most of the aspirants who manage to clear the examination get a call-up letter by particular post to the address they have mentioned in the online form but some of them might not get the letter, but candidates can download it from the official site of the Indian army.
  • The board also decides the location for the SSB, but the aspirants can choose the specific date they want to attend the SSB.
  • Now speaking about AFSB, the call-up letter is to be downloaded from the official site of the Air Force & no call-up letter is sent through the post.
  • In this, the aspirant gets to select the board and the venue for the interview.

Reporting Time at the Interview Centre

  • How are ssb centers allotted? the most common question asked the answer is, For SSB, most of the entries ask the aspirant to report one day before the process at the railway station (i.e. at 2:30 PM) MCO but also some exceptions are there for some entries, & they call the candidates in the morning to the particular center.
  • For AFSB, the reporting time for the procedure is mainly in the morning (i.e. at 6:00 AM).

AFSB VS SSB Interview Process

For SSB, the aspirants are called a day before so that the documentation process is done for all the candidates beforehand, and the forms are then allotted for an overnight stay & the primary process, i.e. PPDT begins the next day.

For AFSB, the selection process of screening begins the very first day after some document verification process.

For SSB, the period is of five days excluding medical.

For AFSB, the duration is of six days (i.e. 5 +1 for CPSS) excluding medical

In SSB, the first day is screening & the selected aspirants are called to fill their PIQ forms, and they are done for the day. In AFSB, the first day comprises screening, PPDT, PIQ, so all these processes are conducted on the very first day.
In SSB, the size of a barrier for the SSB is smaller when compared to that of the AFSB & the size of the helping material is even not that heavy.

The process is nearly the same for both the boards but in AFSB the minor difference in the individual obstacle. There are different obstacles such as monkey crawl, jumping across the screen, parallel beam for balancing, etc.


In SSB, the last day is only for the conference, & then the results are announced.

In AFSB, the last day involves a conference but for some batches, candidates might have GTO day two tasks left, & after that, they will attend the conference.

In SSB, the selected candidates will go through a medical procedure.

In AFSB, candidates will have to give CPSS if selected for flying & then the medical takes place at specific medical hospitals.

List of SSB Centres with Boards & Training Center of the Indian Army

Selection Centre

Service Selection Boards for Indian Army

Selection Centre East (SCE) Allahabad: (Uttar Pradesh)

  1. 11 SSB
  2. 14 SSB
  3. 18 SSB
  4. 19 SSB
  5. 34 SSB

Selection Centre Central (SCC) Bhopal: (Madhya Pradesh)

  1. 20 SSB
  2. 21 SSB
  3. 22 SSB

Selection Centre South (SCS) Bangalore: (Karnataka)

  1. 17 SSB
  2. 24 SSB

Training Centres or Institutes

1. Indian Military Academy (IMA) Dehradun (Uttarakhand) – Permanent Commission for Male

2. Officers Training Academy (OTA) Chennai (Tamil Nadu) – Short Service Commission for both Male & Female

3. Officers Training Academy (OTA) Gaya (Bihar) – Permanent Commission for TES & SCO Male Course

4. National Defense Academy (NDA) Khadakwasla, Pune (Maharashtra) – Permanent Commission

List of AFSB Centres with Boards & Training Center of the Indian Air Force

Indian Air Force Selection Centres


AFSB Dehradun: (Uttarakhand)


AFSB Mysore: (Karnataka)


AFSB Gandhi Nagar: (Gujarat)


AFSB Varanasi: (Uttar Pradesh)


AFSB (Guwahati)

Training Centres or Institutes

1. Air Force Academy (AFA) Hyderabad (Telangana) – Permanent or Short Commission for both Male and Female

2. National Defense Academy (NDA) Khadakwasla, Pune (Maharashtra) – Permanent Commission

List of SSB Centres with Boards & Training Center of the Indian Navy

For Indian Navy


NSB Coimbatore: (Tamilnadu)


12 SSB at SCS Bangalore: (Karnataka)


33 SSB at SCC Bhopal: (Madhya Pradesh)


Training Centres or Institutes

1. Indian Naval Academy (INA) Ezhimala (Kerala) – Permanent or Short Commission for both Male and Female

2. National Defense Academy (NDA) Khadakwasla, Pune (Maharashtra) – Permanent Commission.

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