What Are Weeds? How Can We Control Them?

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

Weeds are plants that grow in unwanted places. These include the plants that are not sown in the particular location or plants that are competitive or destroy the good plants of that area. There are more than 8,000 species of weeds on the planet that are not wanted one way or another. These weeds are beneficial for the forest and wild places but for the agriculture and suburban areas, these are very harmful.

We can control the weed by the process of weeding. One can remove the weeds by tilling, weedicides, or other ways. Weedicides are a process to chemically destroy the weeds. Check the important facts, and benefits of weeds.

Important Facts of Weeds 

Certain characteristics of the weeds will help you know more about the weeds and the process of controlling them.

  • These are plants that grow very rapidly because they produce a lot of seeds.
  • Are benefits of weeds are that help the environment in many ways like soil stabilization, the nectar of bees, aesthetic qualities, providing genetic reservoir, and more.
  • There are more than 250,000 species of plants worldwide, around only 3% or 8000 species act as weeds.
  • These weeds spread very fast by population, there are adapted to spread widely, and reproduce fast.
  • These are very harmful to agricultural urban societies.
  • Weeds are controlled by weedicides to constrain them to forest and wild areas.
  • In agriculture and societies, the weeding is done by chemicals, tilling, and other methods.
  • Manually the farmers remove the weeds by pulling out, removing them with khurpi, and doing other plugging activities.


What Are Weeds? How Can We Control Them?

Weeds are plants that acquire undesirable qualities that help them spread over wide areas and bind the soil tightly. These plants’ seeds spread rapidly by wind and seeds. These are very important for the forest but very harmful for the agricultural land. Through the chemical and natural process, one can control the weeding in the area.

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