UGC Notification for Necessary Changes on Hiring Professors of Practice

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

The University Grants Commission (UGC) relased a notification on 14th November 2022. The notification consists of the varsities that are directed to make the required changes to enable the position of Professors of Practice in the various institutions. “To enable Higher Educational Institutions to hire professional experts, the UGC has created a new position called ‘Professor of Practice (PoP) and already published guidelines for engaging them”, stated PK Thakur, the UGC secretary stated, in a letter to varsities. 

Check all the important details related to the UGC’s Latest Notification on the hiring of a Professor of Practice.

Official UGC Notification For the Hiring of Professor of Practice 

UGC Professors of Practice Notification: Important Points

Here are the most important points about the UGC Professors of Practice Notification given below-

  • Professor of Practice (PoP) is known to be a prevalent practice across the world.
  • For the post of Professor of Practice, the candidates are mainly non-tenured members from various universities such as Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cornell University, Harvard University, University of Helsinki and the SOAS University of London.
  • Now, in India, Professors of Practice are already appointed at the Indian Institutes of Technology in Delhi, Madras and Guwahati.
  • As per the latest notification, the category of Professors of Practice does not require formal academic qualifications and publication requirements in colleges and universities, 
  • The number of PoPs in any institution must not exceed the limit of 10% of the sanctioned posts. They will be engaged in 3 categories – funded by HEIs from their resources, funded by industries, and on an honorary basis.
  • The duration of the service must not exceed three years. It can be expandable for upto one year in certain cases.
  • The Professor of Practice will be done for a fixed term. However, the hiring will be done per the exclusivities of the sanctioned posts of the required institutions.
  • This latest scheme does not apply to candidates who are already in teaching positions, either serving or retired.

Eligibility of the UGC Professors of Practice Notification

The UGC has also announced some of the eligibility criteria for the Professor of Practices notification as mentioned below-

  1.  The distinguished experts have remarkable contributions to their professions from various fields, such as science, engineering, entrepreneurship, commerce, technology, literature, fine arts, social sciences, armed forces, the legal profession, media, Panchayati raj, civil services, community development, rural development, water harvesting, watershed development, organic farming, small green energy systems, community participation, gender budgeting/planning, municipal planning, inclusive development of public and tribals administration, among others. Those with proven expertise in their specific profession or role with at least 15 years of experience/service, preferably at a senior level, will be eligible for Professor of Practice.
  2.  In case they have exemplary professional practice in lieu; a formal academic qualification will not be considered essential for this position. These experts will be exempted from the publication requirements and other eligibility criteria for recruiting faculty members at the Professor level. However, they must have the skills to carry out the responsibilities and duties specified in the following section.

UGC Professors of Practice Notification: Duties and Responsibilities 

The information below contains the Duties & Responsibilities of the Professors of Practice as per the notification released by UGC.

  • They must be involved in the development and design of courses and different syllabus.
  • They are expected to introduce the new courses and deliver lectures per the institution’s policies.
  • Provide mentorship for these activities to encourage students in innovation and entrepreneurship projects.
  • To focus & work on enhanced industry-academia collaborations.
  • Conduct seminars and workshops jointly with the regular faculty member of the institution, along with delivering special lectures in the training programmes.
  • They are expected to carry out consultancy services in collaboration and joint research projects with the regular faculty member of the HEI.
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