UGC Dual Degree Programme: Students Can Pursue 2 Full-time Degree Courses Simultaneously

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

UGC’s Dual Degree Programme: The University Grants Commission (UGC) has released an official notification regarding the UGC dual degree programme on 13 April, 2022. UGC has approved Dual Degree programmes and released the latest guidelines on dual degree programmes. As per the UGC dual degree notification released by the authority, students can now pursue two full-time degree courses simultaneously. This latest decision aims to offer flexibility and personalisation of higher education and even allow multidisciplinary education across various domains for aspiring students seeking multiple degrees at the same time.

Under this newly announced policy by UGC, students will now be able to pursue two full-time physical degrees or a combination of physical and online degrees. The detailed guidelines about UGC’s Full-Time Dual Degree programmes will soon be notified by the commission on their official website.

In the meanwhile, students can also get a basic understanding of What is UGC’s Dual Degree Programme and How will it Work Here. Let’s read the complete article to get to know the complete details.

UGC Dual Degree Programme Official Notification – Download PDF

Let’s Get To Know Everything About UGC Dual Degree Programme

We know there are many questions running in your mind, let’s answer each one of those questions one by one through this article.

What is UGC’s Dual Degree Programme?

As per the UGC’s latest notification on 13th April 2022, the dual degree programmes will allow students to pursue two physical degrees, online degrees, and even diploma programmes from two different universities or institutions at the same time. As part of this dual degree programme, students will be given the flexibility to opt for two different degrees in any mode, i.e., full-time physical mode, or online/distance education mode. Furthermore, this dual degree programme policy will be applicable for physical degrees, online degrees and even diploma certificates.

UGC Dual Degree Programme: Students Can Pursue 2 Full-time Degree Courses Simultaneously

Why Has UGC Launched Dual Degree Programme?

Highlighting the main reason behind announcing Dual Degree Programmes, UGC Chairman Jagadesh M Kumar said that Dual degree programmes will offer maximum flexibility to the students when it comes to higher education in India. He further added that through this new initiative “We are making it easier for the students to customise their education and increase their choice of what they want to study.” Lastly, he also said in his statement that through dual degree programmes, students will be able to plan their academic careers much better and will be able to identify and pursue their goals with passion and reach their true potential.

Objectives of UGC’s Dual Degree Programme

To allow the students to pursue two academic programmes simultaneously keeping in view the following objectives envisaged in NEP 2020:

  • recognizing, identifying, and fostering the unique capabilities of each student, by sensitizing teachers as well as parents to promote each student’s holistic
    development in both academic and non-academic spheres;
  • no hard separations between arts and sciences, between curricular and extracurricular activities, between vocational and academic streams, etc. in order to
    eliminate harmful hierarchies among, and silos between different areas of
  • multidisciplinarity and a holistic education across the sciences, social sciences, arts, humanities, and sports for a multidisciplinary world in order to ensure the
    unity and integrity of all knowledge;
  • enabling an individual to study one or more specialized areas of interest at a deep level, and also develop character, ethical and constitutional values, intellectual curiosity, scientific temper, creativity, spirit of service.
  • offering the students, a range of disciplines including sciences, social sciences, arts, humanities, languages, as well as professional, technical, and vocational subjects to make them thoughtful, well-rounded, and creative individuals.
  • preparing students for more meaningful and satisfying lives and work roles and enable economic independence.

Guidelines for UGC’s Dual Degree Programme?

As per the announcement made by UGC on its official website, the Dual degree programmes policy will allow students to pursue two different full-time academic degree courses in physical or online mode simultaneously. One of the key guidelines or requirements in this regard is that the class timings for two-degree programmes should not overlap or clash with each other. In view of the guidelines and requirements, UGC has released a few guidelines for the UGC’s Dual Degree Programme. Let’s read all the guidelines one by one.

  1. A student can pursue two full-time academic programmes in the physical mode provided that in such cases, class timings for one programme do not overlap with the class timings of the other programme.
  2. A student can pursue two academic programmes, one in full-time physical mode and another in Open and Distance Learning (ODL)/Online mode; or up to two ODL/Online programmes simultaneously.
  3. Degree or diploma programmes under ODL/Online mode shall be pursued with only such HEIs which are recognized by UGC/Statutory Council/Govt. of India for running such programmes.
  4. Degree or diploma programmes under these guidelines shall be governed by the Regulations notified by the UGC and also the respective statutory/professional councils, wherever applicable.
  5. These guidelines shall come into effect from the date of their notification by the UGC. No retrospective benefit can be claimed by the students who have already done two academic programmes simultaneously prior to the notification of these guidelines. The above guidelines shall be applicable only to the students pursuing academic programmes other than PhD programme. Based on the above guidelines, the universities can devise mechanisms, through their statutory bodies, for allowing their students to pursue two academic programmes simultaneously as mentioned above.

Download Guidelines for UGC’s Dual Degree Programme

Is It Possible to Pursue UG and PG Degrees at The Same Time?

 According to the UGC’s Dual Degree Programme, the students can pursue the two degrees of the same educational level simultaneously. This simply means that the students can either choose two degrees at the undergraduate level or the postgraduate level. The students should not mistake this programme for the flexibility to choose one Postgraduate and one undergraduate degree simultaneously. 

Who Will Decide the Admission Policy for The Dual Degree Courses? 

The procedure of the admission policy for the Dual Degree Programme depends upon respective institutions and universities. In case, the students are seeking to get admission for the dual degree programme in the central universities, they will have to appear for the Common University Entrance Test (CUET).

Is There Any Academic Credit System For The Dual Degree Programmes?

As per the National Education Policy 2022, the Education Ministry proposes transferrable credits to the students in order to complete the degree programmes. As per this policy, the students have the flexibility to join or drop from one course to another if they have fulfilled the requirements and the necessary academic credits.

The dual degree programme will allow students to carry credits across degrees acquired in case they fulfil the basic requirements. Whereas, when it comes to the degree programmes, the candidates will have to earn and fulfil all credit requirements under the university guidelines. 

What is the Basic Understanding About The Dual Degree Programme?

The dual degree programme policy will be offered for online degrees, physical degrees and diploma programmes. The Students can easily pursue these degree/diploma courses from the same or two different universities. The only thing that the candidates should focus on is that the time schedules for both of the courses do not clash with each other.

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