ISO Full Form: History, Roles Key Facts, Standards

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

ISO Full Form: The full form of ‘ISO’ is the International Organization for Standardization. ISO was founded on 23 February in the year 1947. Its headquarters are in Geneva, Switzerland, operating in 162 countries. The ISO is an international standard-setting body that consists the representatives from various national standards organizations. The ISO works on formulating the standards and guidelines for a variety of businesses and other purposes and also publishes technical reports. The word ‘ISO’ is derived from the Latin term ‘isos’ which means ‘Equal’. It simply means that if two things reach the same level then they both must be treated equally. 

This article includes an Introduction to ISO Full Form, the History Of ISO Full Form, its Roles, advantages, and Types.

ISO Full Form: Introduction

The international organization for standardization (ISO) stands for an international non-governmental organization that comprises national standard bodies. It deals with a wide range of industrial and commercial standards. The three Official languages of ISO is known to be English, Russian and French.

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History Of ISO Full-Form

Modern standardization appeared in the 19th century along with industrialization. At the end of the 19th century, the need for standards became international. In the mid-1960s, ISO grew rapidly. The development of international standards for freight containers in 1960 is an important example of ISO standards that contributed to the development of the global market. At the same time, at the international level, an international system of units that facilitated technical dialogue was adopted.

These changes in the international context led to changes in the way in which standards were developed. At ISO, this change is reflected in the change of vocabulary. ISO is not an abbreviation; it is derived from the Greek isos which means ‘equal’.

Role Of ISO Full Form

The Role of the international organization for standardization is to bring together experts from various fields to share knowledge and develop consensus-based international standards which support innovation and provide alternatives to solve global challenges. Some of the roles Of ISO are as followed-

  • Develops and publishes standards for a larger range of materials, processes, and products
  • An established common standards for different countries by facilitating world trade.
  • Ensures that products and services are reliable and safe. 

The ISO standards are finalized after an international agreement by experts in the related fields. The experts are the people who are aware of the need of the industries and the other individuals such as manufacturers, sellers, customers, trade associations, buyers, users, and regulators. There are two most popular ISO standards made that are ISO 9001 and 14001. 

Types Of ISO standards

The top three most famous generic standards are

ISO 9001:2015 – This standard deals with the criteria for quality management systems.

ISO 14001:2014 – This standard works on providing criteria for management systems based on environment. 

ISO 27001:2013 – This standard specifies the requirements for the establishment, implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of information security management systems within the context of the organization.

Standardization Process

This process is the last step that starts with a proposal of new work within a committee. Some commonly used abbreviations are:

AWI- Approved New Work Item

CD- Committee Draft

FCD- Final Committee Draft

PRF- Proof of a New International Standard

NP- New Proposal

TS- Technical Specification

TTA- Technology Trends Assessment

TR- Technical Report

PAS- Publicly Available Specification

Need For ISO Full Form

ISO is required to identify and describe processes by using business metrics. The main purpose is to provide better management and control of business processes. These goals are present at the core of the system.

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