In MS Excel, a Formula Starts With:

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

A) A plus sign (+)

B) A minus sign (-)

C) A greater than sign (>)

D) An equal sign (=)

The formula in MS Excel starts with an equal sign (=). MS Excel is a particular kind of spreadsheet program created by Microsoft Office. It aids us by completing calculations that call for a perfect formula in seconds. Formulas are used to carry out specific calculations. They start with the “=” sign, are followed by operators or operands, and perform calculations in specific cell addresses. This formula is entered in the formula bar, a box type with the label “fx.” You always begin a formula in Microsoft Excel by entering the equal sign (=). You enter it into the cell where you want the solution to be shown.

MS Excel Formula Start With:

The formulae used for different calculations are referred to as Excel formulas. A mathematical component that defines a rule is known as a formula. It uses an equal sign to join one or more parts together. If one or more elements are known, the formula can be used to determine the element’s value. 

For example,

Sum = a + b

We can determine the value of b (b = Sum – a) if we know the values of a and sum. The sum can also be determined if we know the values of a and b (sum = a + b).


Mean = Sum of all the observations/ Number of observations

The formulas mentioned above have three components. Knowing the value of any two elements will make determining the value of the third element simple.

Different formulas of MS Excel:

  • SUM: = SUM(Cell 1:Cell 2).
  • SUBTRACTION: =SUM(Cell 1, -Cell 2).
  • DIVISION: =C3/D3.
  • LEFT: LEFT(text, Number_of_characters): =LEFT(B3,4).
  • MID: MID(text, start position, Number_of_characters): =MID(B3,5,3).
  • RIGHT: RIGHT(text, Number_of_characters): =RIGHT(B3,1).
  • COUNT: =COUNT(C3:C14).
  • COUNTA: =COUNTA(B3:B15).
  • MAX: =MAX(C3:C16).
  • MIN: =MIN(C3:C16).
  • TRIM =TRIM(B3).
  • IF: =IF(D3>C3, 1, 0).
  • EVEN: =EVEN(B3).
  • ODD: =ODD(B3).
  • TODAY: =TODAY().

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