DBT JRF Exam Analysis 2023: 13 May All Shifts

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

The DBT GAT B/BET 2023 Exam was conducted on 13th May in two shifts, 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM for the morning session and 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM in the evening. Candidates looking for a comprehensive DBT JRF Exam Analysis 2023 for the exam can check the entire article for the same. The exam analysis gives a thorough breakdown of the exam, outlining each section’s level of difficulty, the types of questions that were asked, and the importance of each topic. It assists candidates in determining the areas in which their preparation needs to be improved and helps them concentrate their efforts in these areas.

In order to give students deep insights into the anticipated cutoff scores for the 2023 cycle and the exam’s difficulty level, our specialists have carefully prepared the DBT JRF Analysis 2023.

DBT JRF Exam Analysis 2023

On May 13, 2023, the Department of Biotechnology administered the DBT JRF exam. For students aiming for research positions in biotechnology, the Department of Biotechnology, part of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India, administers the DBT JRF test.

Continue reading for a full review of the JRF BET Exam and DBT JRF analysis for 2023. The thorough exam analysis covers the difficulty level, various question kinds, successful attempts, section-by-section analysis, and more. Watch this space for the next exam analysis.

DBT JRF Exam Overview

The candidates can check the overview of the DBT JRF GAT B/BET exam 2023 conducted on 13th May 2023.

Mode of the DBT JRF Exam

Online mode

Number of Sections


Number of Questions


Questions to Attempt 


Negative Marking

1/3 of the marks of the question

Number of Choices


Duration of the exam

180 minutes

Test type



English Language 

DBT JRF BET Analysis 2023 Highlights

The important points of the exam are discussed here. Check the DBT JRF 2023 key highlights.

  • DBT JRF is carried out online.
  • Here, the exam’s difficulty level will be covered.
  • The updated number of questions is 60.
  • Section A for GAT B was easy to moderate & BET was Easy according to the candidates.
  • Section B for GAT B & BET is considered to be moderate.

Section-wise DBT JRF Analysis 13 May 2023

The DBT JRF GAT B/BET exam 2023 has two sections,  Section A is based on General aptitude and general Biotechnology, and Section B is based on the Specialized areas of Biotechnology, the candidates can find the following:

(General aptitude and general Biotechnology) – Shift 1

Section A- Section A for the DBT JRF GAT B Analysis was easy to moderate, the questions asked were time-consuming but the level of the questions are not considered to be difficult.

Section B- Section B contained questions from antibodies, metabolite, isoelectric point, vitamins, Gamma interferon, pcr, vaccines & much more.

(Specialized areas of Biotechnology) – Shift 2

Section A- Section A for the DBT JRF BET Analysis was easy, the questions asked were not as time-consuming but practice-based, overall the level of the questions is considered to be easy.

Section B- Section B contained questions from the basics of Biotechnology, the Precursor of neurotransmitters, Barnase, Trophophase, and many more.

DBT JRF GAT-B/BET Analysis: Difficulty Level

Here, we’ve listed how challenging each section of the DBT JRF exam is. After the exam is taken, the levels will be updated. Candidates are strongly advised to study the DBT JRF exam analysis in order to evaluate their performance and make the required adjustments to their exam preparation plan.

DBT JRF GAT- B Analysis: Difficulty Level

The difficulty level for both sections A and B is described in the table here.


Difficulty Level

Section A 

Easy to Moderate

Section B 




DBT JRF BET Analysis: Difficulty Level

For the BET Exam, candidates can find the difficulty level here.


Difficulty Level

Section A


Section B 




DBT JRF GAT B/BET Exam Analysis 2023: Good Attempts

For DBT JRF Exam Analysis 2023 on May 13 (All Shifts), we have updated section-by-section performance as well as overall good attempts as evaluated by our experts. These are merely approximations; the precise cut-off will be announced alongside the final findings.

Number of Good Attempts for DBT JRF GAT B 2023


Good Number of attempts (Shift 1)

General aptitude and general Biotechnology (Section A) 


General aptitude and general Biotechnology (Section B)


Number of Good Attempts for DBT JRF BET 2023


Good Number of Attempts (Shift 2)

Specialized areas of Biotechnology (Section A)


Specialized areas of Biotechnology (Section B)


DBT JRF Analysis 2023 – Question Asked

The candidates can check section-by-section questions for the Junior Research Fellowship program here. DBT JRF 2023 Memory-Based Questions (General Biotechnology and Aptitude) Memory-based Biotechnology Specialised Areas Questions.

General Aptitude and General Biotechnology (Sections A and B) 

1. Type of inhibitor which doesn’t depend on substrate conc?

  • competitive
  • noncompetitive
  • uncompetitive
  • allosteric

2. Which antibody is least in adult Humans?

3. Which one is primary metabolite – a.a, vitamins, cholesterol,

4. Which one is not primary metabolite.

5. Which of the following is not a primary metabolites amino acid vitamin protein

6. Which is a secondary metabolite?

  • amino acid
  • cholesterol
  • vit
  •  antibody

7. which one of these is present in brain:

  • microphage
  • nk
  • nutrophills
  • eosinophills

8. Which technique is to be used for isoelectric point

  • a gell filteration
  • affinity chromatograpby
  • ion exchange
  • chromatography

9. In bacteria, vitamins are used for?

  •  growth factor
  •  electron donor

10. In which phase cell is metabolically active but does not divide?

11. What is the reaction where product energy is lower than substrate?

​12. Unced is most popularly known as?

13. In which techniques antibodies are not involved

  • isoelectric focussing
  • western blotting
  • elisa

14. BCG is which type of vaccine? live attenuated dead subunit vaccine

15. Gamma interferon is detected by which technique?

16. which one of the following is true about delta g option spontaneous then delta g – ve, it depends on path length, depends on rate of reaction

17. Sulfur present on which amino acids?

18. which is not the process of PCR- denaturation, annealing, ligation?

19. Plant part not used for tissue culture-

  • 1. Seed
  • 2. Flower
  • 3. Stem
  • 4. Root

20. Graft between identical organisms is syngeneic graft

21. what is the technique to determine structure of protein in solution?

22. Match the pair 1) D1 – psbA gene 2) D2 – psbB gene 3) CP47 4) CP43

23. which is not G mediated in cell signaling. answer is Gp

24. Match the pair 1) D1 – psbA gene 2) D2 – psbB gene 3)CP47 4) CP43

25. Membrane potential inside a cell is -70 mv. when a chemical x was mixed it went to -50 and when Y chemical was mix it went to -90. 

26. ​Which enzyme adds extra A on DNA strand?

27. Which animal have polyoestric cycle?

  • Dog
  • Horse
  • Bat
  • Frog

28. Which one is not trimatic G Protein?

  • GI
  • GQ
  • GP
  • GS

29. Which is not a type of alpha subunit was the question?

30. which of them is not a g protein

  • Gs
  • Gq
  • Gi
  • Gp

31. Why progesterone is not used for immediate contraceptive?

Specialized areas of Biotechnology (Section A & B) 

1. Biotechnology term coined by
2. D alanine and L alanine are examples of
3. Tenure of a registered trademark in India
4. Lichens
5. Graft between identical organisms (twins)
6. Precursor of neurotransmitters
7. Barnase
8. Trophophase
9. Humulomonas and alpha acids are used in the production of
10. Environmentalists names in matching
11. Plant part not used for tissue culture

DBT JRF GAT-B/BET Exam Analysis: Shift Timings

The DBT JRF GAT-B/BET Exam 2023 was conducted in two shifts. The candidates can acknowledge both shift timings through the table given below.


Shift Timings


9:00 PM – 12:00 PM


3:00 PM-6:00 PM


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