How to Improve CSIR NET Score by Practicing Mock Tests? Know the Importance of Mock Test

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

CSIR-NET Mock Tests: CSIR NET 2023 exam is not so far and it becomes very important for the students to revise the concepts by attempting the mock tests. Аsрirаnts generаlly аvоid оr in mоst саses delаy in аttemрting mосk tests befоre exаms. This mаkes them unаwаre оf their level оf рreраrаtiоn аnd the аreаs where they needed tо fосus mоre. The key point of attempting mock tests is to work effectively throughout the preparation and practice enough to achieve a high score and rank in CSIR NET 2023.


Mock tests give you a complete idea of the actual exam and prepare you accordingly and it is the most effective way to prepare for an exam. Have you ever thought about what you need to do to convert low scores to high scores? First of all, we must know that a low score on a mock test, or a series of tests, should not demotivate or affect your preparation for the CSIR NET. You can easily improve your scores by keeping few steps in mind while taking the mock practice test or after completing it. Here in this article, we will tell you how to improve your CSIR NET 2023 score by doing mock tests.

5 Best Ways to Improve CSIR NET Score By Practicing Mock Tests

Many students searched everywhere how to improve their scores by practising mock tests. The answer is straightforward, and it is analysis. Unfortunately, most of the students practice mock tests but do not analyse their performance, affecting their performance in the exam. Now one question will arise in your mind: what is the best way to analyse the mock test performance and how it will boost our score. Do not worry, in this article we will discuss all the steps one by one. Read the full article with full attention.

1. Analyse Your Test in Depth:

After the completion of your mock test, do not jump on the other test rather analyse your previous test performance first. For best analysis, ask few questions from yourself, which are mentioned below:

a) How many mistakes you have made by doing guesswork, and how many questions got wrong by silly mistakes?
b) Ask why am I making mistakes on this question? If that question is a concept, then clear your concept that time only or note it in your notebook.
c) Identify 3 questions in each section that you spent too much time on and improve your question selection.
d) Ask whether am I selecting the correct questions or not?
e) How many skipped questions can be attempted?

After doing this process, you will easily identify your mistakes and can start working on them.

2. Go Through the Solutions of the Answers:

The next step is to follow the mock test solutions carefully. Surprisingly, many students ignore the solutions after taking a mock test, forgetting the test’s purpose. So don’t make the same mistake. Instead, consider the solutions carefully and patiently. As you progress through the solutions, you will learn the application of problem-solving theory, which is an important skill for passing the CSIR NET exam.

3. Try to Attempt the Unattempted Questions:

This is a widespread mistake that every student make after completing the mock tests. They ignore the unattempted questions. Unattempted questions must be solved after analysing your performance. These questions will give you more ideas about the different concepts, and they may also help you build your confidence.

4. Review the Incorrect Answers:

Without wasting too much time, quickly go through the incorrect ones and see if there are better solutions or approaches for the one you took. This is the most crucial part. Make sure you don’t make the same mistake again. Please make a list of your mistakes (conceptual, logical, and guessed) and review them regularly. Even if it sounds insignificant, it is beneficial.

5. Note Down Your Mistakes and Try to Find Alternate Solutions:

Make a separate notebook with your silly mistakes done during the mock test, what went wrong, unnecessary calculations, time spent solving the question, etc. note everything in that notebook. Identify the key elements of your mistakes and summarize them in your own words. Review this notebook each time before the next test. Try to find alternate solutions also for that particular question. If one technique creates a problem during the exam, we can use other techniques.

No need to get bogged down with mock test scores. Follow these methods and improve your CSIR NET mock test score. Mock test practise is definitely an essential part of your CSIR NET 2021 preparation as it helps you find your strengths and weaknesses. There are many simulated CSIR NET test books available in both online and offline modes. But be careful before you buy them! Select only those that are truly genuine and trustworthy.

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