CSIR NET 2023 Exam: 5 Useful Tips to Motivate Yourself!

By BYJU'S Exam Prep

Updated on: September 13th, 2023

CSIR NET 2023 Exam: As we all know, the CSIR NET 2023 Exam is not so far, and this is when we should focus more on revising the concepts and practicing them. Some students feel overwhelmed and stressed during the preparation, and because of this, they lose their precious time. For achieving the target, candidates need to push themselves harder. It is crucial to identify the things you are afraid of and work hard to succeed in exams. Lakhs of students appear for the CSIR NET Exam, and the competition is getting more intense every year. So it becomes essential to focus on the exam preparation while motivating yourself. Through this post, we will share 5 useful tips which can motivate you during the preparation.

5 Useful Tips to Motivate Yourself for Exam

CSIR NET Exam is one of the prestigious exams which NTA conducts to select eligible candidates for the Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) and Lectureship. The National Testing Agency (NTA) conducts CSIR-NET (National Eligibility Test) twice every year in May and December. The exam is conducted online mode, in which lakhs of candidates appear. The CSIR-NET Exam is conducted for 5 subjects: Life Science, Chemical Science, Earth Science, Mathematical Science, and Physical Science. There may be many candidates who will appear for CSIR-NET for the first time, and they are getting confused about the preparation. This situation leads to increasing stress and anxiety in mind. This is the time to remove all the stress and anxiety and focus on preparing for the CSIR NET Exam.

A quote says, “If you believe it’ll work out, you’ll see opportunities. If you don’t believe it’ll work out, you’ll see obstacles.” this is the time when the candidates should be confident enough for the exam, and win over the mental stress as those who overcome the stress are the real winners. If you are finding ways to motivate yourself then read the given points below:

Question Yourself before starting the preparation for the CSIR NET Exam

Before starting the preparation, ask yourself a few questions and try to find the answers. If you will get the answer to those questions then nobody will stop you from achieving success. The following questions are mentioned below:

1. What things make you bored during the preparation?

  • Is there any chapter or subject which you find a nightmare in the examination hall?
  • Do you find memorizing things difficult?
  • Are you still confused about where you have to start the preparation?

If these questions are coming to your mind then plan things accordingly. Watch youtube sessions to find the best strategy and start preparation in groups so that friends will help you to cope with the weak areas. Try to find creative ways to memorize the concepts. It will definitely help you to build your interest in the study. Do not stop while seeing obstacles. There will be no contest without hurdles. So keep trying till you find interest in the study.

2. Why this Exam is important for you?

  • Try to find an answer to why are you preparing for this.
  • Will the job give you a sense of security or a reputation in society?
  • If you work hard then will you be going to achieve all these things?
  • Always think about the person or thing who inspired you to prepare for this exam.

Note down the answers to all these above questions and try to think about them. It will definitely help you to boost your morale and will help you in understanding the important aspects of the exam.

 3. What will you get if you can crack the exam?

  • You will be able to change your lifestyle.
  • Society will praise your efforts.
  • Your parents will feel proud in front of society.
  • You can answer confidently your relatives.

The reward is always the best motivator during the preparation. Make small goals and try to achieve them and after achieving every goal, reward yourself but make sure you did sufficient hard work to get that reward. 

4. How much struggle have your parents faced till now?

  • Think about your family and parents that how much they face problems in their life.
  • Always think to make your family and parents proud.
  • If you will achieve this then you can protect your family from facing society.

Today, nobody gets a chance to feel their parents around and if you are getting this chance then do not waste it and try to utilize it so that you can make your as well as your parent’s dream come true.

 5. Imagine yourself after 5 years from now.

If you are still confused or stressed then imagine yourself after 5 years from now. What will you achieve? How will be your lifestyle? Do you want to spend a good time with your family? What do you think about your own house or car? What do you think about achieving a prestigious job in the government sector? Try to isolate yourself and think about these questions. If the answer will be Yes, then it is the right time to act on it and start your preparation sincerely. Imagine your future and act accordingly. Always remains positive and try to make positive friends who will motivate you. 

Tips & Tricks For CSIR NET Exam Preparation

Cracking the CSIR NET Exam takes some powerful tips & tricks to prepare for the examination that includes the CSIR NET Syllabus. Here are some of the tips & tricks for the same-

  • Segregation of the whole syllabus will help you understand the weightage of each topic. Make sure to complete the high-weightage topic first.
  • Keep your mindset positive and use the time wisely to cover the syllabus.
  • It is not easy to dedicate 6-7 hours from the first day. Make small sitting hours in starting and increase it later. Take breaks in between the sitting hours.
  • Try to implement the plan strictly else you will face problems in completing the syllabus. A casual attitude before the exam can restrict your success.
  • Solve previous year’s papers and mock tests as much as you can and revise the syllabus you have covered previously else; you will forget everything in the last few days.
  • Please do not neglect the General Aptitude syllabus, as it will help you boost your overall score.
  • Try to cover new topics in starting days. Save the last days for practice only.
  • Оne оf the mоst effeсtive wаys оf hаving а рrоduсtive exаm рreраrаtiоn is соmрiling nоtes аnd revisiоn the sаme numerоus times. Yоu must nоt shy аwаy frоm сurаting yоur nоtes. 
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