CSIR NET Life Science Unit 5 Notes – Developmental Biology, Download FREE PDF

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

CSIR NET Life Science Unit 5 Notes – Candidates preparing for the CSIR NET life science can check here for the complete topic-wise PDF for life science unit 5, Developmental Biology. We have collected all the Topic-Wise PDFs for CSIR NET life science Developmental Biology notes below. The subject experts develop the study notes given below. Candidates can download all the PDFs given below and save them on their devices for effective preparation.

CSIR NET Life Science Unit 5 Notes – Developmental Biology

Unit 5 of CSIR NET life science, that is, Developmental Biology, has the study material on basic concepts of development, Gametogenesis, fertilization, and early development, Morphogenesis and organogenesis in animals, Programmed cell death, aging, and senescence. The candidates can check the complete CSIR NET life science syllabus to get clarity for units and their topics.

Unit 5 contains the following topics as mentioned below –

  1. Gametogenesis, fertilization, and early development: GSpermatogenesis, Oogenesis, Fertilization, Events of fertilization, IZUMO protein, Stages of early development in mammals.
  2. PCD, Aging, and Senescence: Mechanism of Apoptosis, Programmed cell death in Plant, Importance of Apoptosis, Aging and Senescence,
  3. Role of Morphogen in plant embryo development: Embryo formation in Arabidopsis thaliana, Role of auxin as a morphogen, Role of morphogen gradient, General concepts of morphogen gradients,

Developmental Biology – Study Material Download

Download the important notes for the CSIR NET Life Science Unit 5 from the links below. Candidates must include the notes in the preparation as experts prepare these notes.

Unit-5 Developmental Biology Study Material Link
PCD, Aging, and Senescence Click Here
Gametogenesis, fertilization, and early development Click Here
Role of Morphogen in plant embryo development Click Here

Best Reference Books For Developmental Biology

The candidates can find the best books for Developmental Biology given below-

  • Developmental Biology by Scott F. Gilbert
  • Molecular Cell  Biology by Lodish

Tips to Make Your Preparation Journey Efficient

  • To qualify for this exam requires good time management skills, dedicated efforts, and proper guidance. One has to acquire a well-planned, well-equipped, and orderly-managed study plan.
  • There are no shortcuts to qualifying for the exam. Consistent and honest hard work will ensure you succeed in the exam with a good score.
  • You have to require a deep understanding of the subject because the exam does not merely test the knowledge but also the analytical approach. Your focus must be on clear conceptual understanding.

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