CSIR NET Earth Science Exam Study Plan- 30 Days Preparation Plan, Notes, Strategy

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

CSIR NET Earth Science 30 Days Study Plan – The CSIR NET 2022 Earth Science exam is something that requires a lot of preparation to get into. A well-formed plan to get prepared for the CSIR NET Earth Science exam can result in a very favorable result for the students. We have prepared the CSIR NET 2022 Earth Science one-month study plan, with CSIE NET 2022 Earth Science Preparation Strategies to get you ready smartly and make your preparation journey easy.

Scroll down the full article to get a one-month study plan covering the full syllabus with the tips and strategies to get ready for the exam.

Exams like CSIR NET 2022 Earth Science need a lot of preparation with proper time management. Sacrificing with any of the two factors can result adversely on your performance. Cracking the CSIR NET Earth Science examination won’t be rocket science for you once you prepare yourself with a well-formulated study plan and start managing your time efficiently. The first and foremost thing to ever pay attention to is to get yourself well aware of every part of the syllabus and the CSIR NET Earth Science Exam Pattern.

Books For the Preparation for CSIR NET Earth Science Exam

Books are a very important resource for the preparation for the exam. The preparation for the CSIR NET 2022 exam requires a lot of smart choices such as choosing the most ideal books. Here is the list of a few books that the candidates can check for preparation for the exam.

Books Authors
Earth Science Books Phil Medina
Climatology and Oceanology D.S Lal sir
CSIR UGC NET (Earth Science) R. Gupta
Statistic Of Earth Science Dating Graham Borradaile

CSIR NET Earth Science 2022 Preparation Strategies

As stated earlier, smart planning is necessary for you to lock your hope of cracking the exam. These tips will take you closer to your goal with the preparation of 30 days. 

  • Clarifying The Syllabus And Exam Pattern – For smart planning, you need to be clear about the path that you are going to walk to reach your goal. Understanding the CSIR NET Earth Science syllabus that you have to cover is the basic task for our way to reach the goal. This will help you clear the confusion and provide you with various insights to start the journey.
  • Look For The Resources– Resources are the obligation that you must have to set yourself for the goal. It could be anything that’s helping you to gain any sort of knowledge on the exam. For example, the notes of the lessons that you have covered, a quick conversation with anyone knowledgeable in the field, revising your books regarding the exams. These can help you with qualitative preparations.
  • Previous Years Papers Are The Key– To understand the patterns and to formulate the strategy, the previous year’s papers could result in a very helpful tool. It could also be very useful in determining the important topics and marking the most repeated questions throughout the years.
  • Clarifying The Concepts And Doubts– To get the topics double-checked, you need to make sure that the lessons you are going through are clarified and double-checked.
  • Highlighting The Difficult Topics – By marking out the topics you find difficult, you’ll have a clear view of the points that you still have to work on.

CSIR NET Earth Science 2022: 30 Days Study Plan

Here’s the study plan to follow for the preparation of 30 days, part A will be a general aptitude test. Here we’ll discuss the Part B and Part C of the syllabus.



Time Management

Part B


The Solar System and The Earth

3-5 Days

Surface Features, Earth Materials, and Processes

3-5 Days

Interior of the Earth, Deformation, and Tectonics

4-5 Days

Environmental Earth Sciences

3-4 Days

Oceans and Atmosphere

3-4 Days


Sub Topics

Time Management

Part C


Structural Geology and Geotectonic, Sedimentology, and Stratigraphy, Paleontology and its applications, Mineralogy, and Petrology

2-3 Days

Precambrian Geology and Crustal Evolution, Geochemistry, Economic Geology, Quaternary Geology

3 Days

Applied Geology, Climatology, Geomorphology, and Bio-Geography

2-3 Days

Geography of India, Environmental Geography, Signal Processing, Field theory

3 Days

Gravity and Magnetic fields of the earth, Numerical analysis and inversion, Plate Tectonics and Geodynamics, Seismology theory

Electrical, and Well logging, Seismic Methods

2-3 Days

Physical Meteorology, Cloud Physics, Atmospheric Electricity, Dynamic Meteorology, Electromagnetic Methods, Gravity, and Magnetic Methods

3-4 Days

Synoptic Meteorology, General Circulation, and Climate Modelling, Numerical Weather Prediction, Aviation Meteorology

2-3 Days

Physical Oceanography, Satellite Meteorology, Chemical Oceanography, Geological Oceanography

2-3 Days

Biological Oceanography

3 days

Tips For The Preparation Of CSIR NET Earth Science 2022 Exam

Here are a few points regarding the CSIR NET EARTH Preparation Tips

  • Revising the topics thoughtfully
  • Mock tests are the key
  • Take breaks
  • Have a positive approach

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