Best Methodology to Boost CSIR NET 2023 Score

By BYJU'S Exam Prep

Updated on: September 13th, 2023

CSIR NET exam is one of the prestigious exams that the NTA or National Testing Agency conducts to determine eligibility for a Lectureship and Junior Research Fellowship in Indian Universities and Colleges. It is difficult to crack this prestigious exam without proper guidance or strategy. Students usually find it very difficult to manage the study and the revision part simultaneously, and they lose track during the preparation. This article will discuss the best methodology that can help you boost your score in the CSIR NET 2023 exam.

The final weeks before the examination can be stressful for many students – I know it was for me. But by knowing the right strategy or preparation tips, you can easily protect yourself from this stress and ace CSIR NET Exam. There is a need to assess yourself while preparing, as studies have shown that those students who tested them regularly learn more content than those who have not been tested. So do not worry; we will discuss all the parameters which will help you in every possible way. 

CSIR NET 2023 Exam Highlights

The following table summarizes all of the important information about CSIR NET 2023. With the help of this table, students may understand all about the exam.

Particular Details
Exam Name CSIR UGC NET (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research University Grants Commission National Eligibility Test)
Exam Level National
Conducting Body National Testing Agency (NTA)
Exam Frequency Twice a year
Exam Mode Online only
Exam Duration 180 minutes
Exam Purpose  Selection of candidates for the award of JRF or determining eligibility for appointment as lecturers
Official Website csirnet. nta. nic. in

Best Exam Preparation and Study Strategies

 Not sure how to study effectively? Do not worry; we will discuss the best strategy for exam preparation based on experience and expert opinion. Follow these CSIR NET Preparation tips to ace your exam!

1. Know your Exam: 

It is the first and foremost step before starting the preparation. This will help you ensure that you will be appearing for the type of exam you will appear, whether it will be multiple-type or short-answer-type questions. 
Knowing this, you can decide how much practice you have to do, what type of questions were asked previously, and the parameters on which you should prepare yourself before the exam. More importantly, you should practice the right type of questions and know the examiner’s expectations.

2. Make a Time Table: 

Some subjects require a lot of time, and some require less revision. Go through the subjects and make a proper timetable to organize your time. Then, plan your time to use it more effectively. For example, which time suits you in a day for practice- Morning, afternoon, or evening? Can you read the study material or practice well at that time? By organizing this, you can find out what you want to do. 

3. Start your Revision Early:

Always revise the concepts and study material well before the time, as it will help you cover the syllabus before the last-minute rush. Last-minute cramming will never help in exams. Ultimately, to ace any exam, it is essential to work hard on each subject and prepare well for it, and this will be possible only when you start the revision early. 

4. Say Yes to Superfoods/antioxidants: 

When you study, your brain needs energy, which will be affected if you take high carbs, food, or oxidants. Always try to take superfoods like cereals, green vegetables, and antioxidants, giving power to your brain and allowing your brain to function more effectively. Research says that students who took fewer carbohydrates performed better than those who took carbohydrates or fatty items. Surviving junk food during the exam is not a good idea. 
It is also good to exercise regularly to get your blood moving and allow your brain to function properly.

5. Alternate Study Place: 

Do not stick to the same place. Always try to change your study place from time to time as it helps in our retention power. Changing the location from home to a library and cafe or friend’s house will also help you during the preparation. Always find the best place for your studies that will be less distracting and quiet. 

6. Skip Last-Minute Preparation: 

Last-minute cramming will never help you ace any of the exams. It is advised to start the preparation early, and the most important is that you will finish the syllabus on time and manage sufficient time for the revision. Never start new chapters at the last min, as it will down your confidence. Always try to revise those concepts which you have already practiced before.

7. Reward Yourself:

Set small targets, try to achieve them, and reward yourself. It will help you to build confidence, and your syllabus will also be completed well on time. How you reward yourself is totally up to you – dining out with friends, cinema or shopping but make sure that you have achieved something.

8. Take Regular Breaks: 

People say that we have to study for 8-9 hours daily, but the study with proper concentration is only about half an hour. So always try to study with full concentration, whether you study only 2 hours a day. 2 hours of full concentration study is far better than the 8 hours of distracted study. So take breaks and try to make concentrate.

9. Previous Year Paper Questions: 

Always practice more and more to analyze yourself. You cannot know how much you are ready for a real exam until you analyze the CSIR NET Previous year’s question paper yourself. Therefore, always test yourself under exam-like conditions and try to avoid the mistakes you have made previously. This will help you to ace the exam without any difficulty.

10. Never Lose your Track:

Always try to keep yourself on track. Never distract yourself, and make a strong belief in yourself that you can do it. Build your confidence by practicing and revising and getting away from negative thoughts. You can ace the CSIR NET 2023 exam if you keep yourself motivated.

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