BPSC Optional Maithili Literature Preparation – Strategy & Tips

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

BPSC Optional Maithili Language and Literature: If you are someone who has chosen Maithili Paper as BPSC Mains Optional Subject. Then stay tuned with us in this article, we are going to provide Preparation strategies & Tips that will help you boost your score in Maithili Language and Literature Paper.

Candidates who have the Maithili language as their 67th BPSC optional subject must note all the details about the subject such as BPSC Maithili Language & Literature Syllabus, reference books, strategy and more. 

Maithili Language & Literature Optional Strategy

As you know, it is essential to get your ranking in the final list by making the marks in an optional paper, you must be really well on the paper you choose. As all the other papers are obligatory for everyone, it is only the optional paper that makes your wealth or that breaks it. So don’t attempt to play and play selectively, because just a paper is available today as an alternative.

Maithili is one of the 34 subjects provided by the BPSC as an option. The literature of Maithili is rich and lengthy. Maithili is the language of Indo-Aryan spoken in the Mithila area, currently found primarily in the north and east Bihar of India, and many Nepalese districts of Terai. It is one of India’s biggest languages and Nepal’s second most important. Less often, the script used to convey the other neighbouring languages such as Bhojpuri, Magahi and Avadhi has been written with a variation of Kaithi in Maithili.

Maithili Language & Literature Syllabus

Paper I covers Maithili’s history and Maithili’s history. Paper-II will involve firsthand reading of prescribed materials in optional languages and will be used to assess the critical abilities of the applicant.


  1. Origin of Maithili Language.
  2. Position of Maithili in Indo-Europeans Family of Languages.
  3. Historical Development of Maithili Language.
  4. Relationship of Maithili with Hindi, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Magahi and Santhali.
  5. Different Dialects of Maithili Languages.
  6. Characteristics of Standard Maithili.


  1. Determination of ages in Maithili Literature and their chief characteristics/features.
  2. Development of Modern Maithili Poetry.
  3. Development of Modern Maithili Novels.
  4. Development of Modern Maithili Drama.
  5. Development of Modern Maithili Short Story.
  6. Development of Modern Maithili Essays and Criticism.


This paper will require first-hand reading of the prescribed Text and will be designed to test the candidate’s critical ability.

  • Vidyapati-Vidyapati Geetawall, Maithili Academy, Patna, Poem No.- 1 to 50
  • Govinddas-Govinddash Bhajanawali, Maithili Academy, Patna. Poem No.- 1 to 50
  • Manboth-Krishnajanma
  • Chanda Jha-Mithila Bhasha Ramayan (Sunderkant Only)
  • Yatri-Chitra
  • Munshi Reghunandan Das- Mithila Natak
  • Aysi Prasad Singh- Suryamukhi
  • Prof. Hari Mohan Jh- Kanyadan and Dwiragaman
  • Prof. Ramanath Jha- Prabandh Sangrah
  • Raj Kamal Choudhary- Lalka Paag.

खण्ड- I (Section – I)

भाग- 01. मैथिली भाषाक इतिहासः-

(1) मैथिली भाषाक उद्गम।
(2) भारोपीय भाषा परिवार में मैथिलीक स्थान।
(3) मैथिली भाषाक ऐतिहासिक विकासक्रम।
(4) हिन्दी, बंगला, भोजपुरी, मगही एवम् संथाली भाषाक संग मैथिलीक सम्बन्ध।
(5) मैथिलीक विभिन्न बोली।
(6) मानक मैथिलीक भाषाक विशेषता।

भाग- 02. मैथिली साहित्यक इतिहासः-

(1) मैथिली साहित्यक काल विभाजन एवम् विभिन्न कालक प्रवृत्तिगत विशेषता।
(2) आधुनिक मैथिली कविताक विकास।
(3) आधुनिक मैथिली उपन्यासक विकास।
(4) आधुनिक मैथिली नाटकक विकास।
(5) आधुनिक मैथिली लघु कथाक विकास।
(6) आधुनिक मैथिली निबन्ध एवम् आलोचनाक विकास।

खण्ड- II (Section – II)

एहि-पत्र में निर्धारित पाठ्य पुस्तक सभक मुख्य रूप से अध्ययन अपेक्षित होएत आओर एहेन-प्रश्न सभ पूछल जाएत जाहिसॅ परीक्षार्थिक समीक्षा- क्षमताक परीक्षा ‘‘भ’’ सक्एं

(1) विद्यापति- विद्यापति गीतावली- मैथिली अकादमी, पटना- पद संख्या- 01 से 50 धरि।
(2) गोविन्ददास- गोविन्द भजनावली- मैथिली अकादमी, पटना- पद संख्या- 01 से 50 धरि।
(3) मनबोध- कृष्णजन्म।
(4) चन्दा झा- मिथिला भाषा रामायण- सुन्दर काण्ड मात्र।
(5) यात्री- चित्रा।
(6) आर॰सी॰ प्रसाद सिंह- सूर्यमुखी।
(7) मुंशी रघुनन्दन दास- मिथिला नाटक।
(8) प्रो॰ हरिमोहन झा- कन्यादानओ द्विरागमन।
(9) प्रो॰ रामनाथ झा- प्रबन्ध संग्रह।
(10) राजकमल- ललका पाग।

Best Books of Maithili Language & Literature

Sr. No. Book Name Author/Publication

For Section I

1 मैथिली साहित्य क इतिहास Dr. Durganath Jha “Shreesh”
2 मैथिली भाषाशास्त्र  Dr. Dhirendra Nath Mishra
3 मैथिली साहित्यक आलोचनात्मक इतिहास  Dr. Dinesh Kumar Jha
4 मैथिली भाषा का विकास  Pandit Govind Das

For Section II

1 विद्यापति गीतावली पंडित गोविन्द झा ( शेखर प्रकाशन )
2 चंदा झा मिथिला भाषा रामायण( सुन्दर काण्ड)
3 गोविन्द दास भजनावली मैथिली अकादमी पटना।
4 गोविन्द दास डॉ अमरनाथ झा।
5 मनबोध कृष्ण जन्म
6 मुंशी रघुनंदन दास मिथिला नाटक
7 रामनाथ झा प्रबंध काव्य
8 सूर्यमुखी आरशी प्रशाद सिंह

Year-Wise Trend (Selected Student) 

Check out the year wise trend like how many students choose Maithili as Optional over how many selected.

BPSC Successful Written Exam Finally Selected
53-55th  73 23
56-59th 403 29
60-62nd 108

General Strategy

  • You should understand that you are here to clear the examination and not to perform any kind of PhD. Manage time between optional topics and other GS subjects properly.
  • Don’t ignore the subject, not thinking it’s a Prelims portion. You must be ready for all things in advance and prepared for combat.
  • Cross the curriculum. It should appear in your brain. It will let you simply choose newspaper articles, sites and notes.
  • Take a detailed note of each subject first. Leave value-added spaces. Make snippets of those notes after reading notes, so you may review them before examinations.
  • For journals, mention some key events or subjects in particular critiques or favourable arguments. If not books, you may read some book reviews. This helps to create a new view of the conditions.

Answer Writing Part

  •  This is the biggest section of the BPSC exam. Whether it’s GS or Optional, anything you know doesn’t matter.
  • Practice, practise, practise, practise, practise. Only then can we succeed. Key to the paper completion and good replies for writing.
  • As an alternative, questions from the previous year are highly significant. A little concept of the design will be given. Please read the subject, choose and reply to a few questions. Repeat that. Repeat that.
  • Dynamism is at the heart of the article with regard to the content section. The themes, concepts, theories, ideas, etc. must be covered. And so the article has to be conceptually clear.
  • The requirement of the question must be understood. You must correctly read the question. Questions were extremely rare in last year’s documents. Give time before writing to grasp the context and frame structure.
  • Interconnections between sections and articles assist to give vitality and values to the responses. This makes good marks for you.
  • Read attentively the whole paper. If you are stuck whenever you write an answer, draw your attention to other inquiries. It will assist you get out of the trap and give depth to replies.
  • Don’t proceed with predetermined answers to questions from various parts. Select them.
  • Study all the equally important aspects. Some of the subjects you left might be in 10 marks or even one question in 15 markers. You may write better, choose what you feel.

Benefits of Choosing Maithili

The northern and eastern Bihar of India is the Maithili language. If you have a degree in Maithili literature as the major subject you can choose the language of Maithili as an alternative topic. The programme is static and restricted. The programme. For individuals who are good in the language, it is highly recommended. In Paper I he or she may score highly, as in general studies, but if paper II is not fully studied, the eliminating factor is paper II.

  • The subject of literature is less informative.
  • Good for those that are creative
  • not too complicated to make high grades One should have the originality needed for a strong writing talent in philosophy

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