Bank PO Salary, Bank Clerk, SO & RBI Salary Structure in India

By Jyoti Bisht|Updated : December 9th, 2022

Bank Salary is an important look for all banking test candidates, which is why lakhs of candidates apply every year for this career opportunity. With the annual announcement of bank openings and a higher pay package in various nationalized banks, a large number of people compete for various positions such as Bank PO, Clerk, and SO. To revise the Bank PO Salary as well as Clerk and SO salaries, the bank uses a bipartite settlement. In November 2020, the 11th Bipartite Agreement was used to determine the Bank PO Salary in India.

Many of the applicants must be unaware of the latest salary changes for Bank POs and other positions. The Bank Salary Structure, Allowances, and Promotion of  SBI, IBPS for PO, Clerk, and SO posts, and RBI for Grade B and Assistant posts will be discussed in this article.

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Bank PO Salary

Aside from the base income, the Bank PO salary includes several benefits. As a result, it is one of the most rewarding careers available to aspirants. The pay scale for Bank POs varies depending on the Bank and other factors. The Bank PO salary varies as per different posts.

  • Bank PO Salary for SBI(State Bank of India)
  • Bank PO Salary for IBPS(Institute of Banking Personnel Selection)

SBI PO Salary Structure

An SBI Probationary Officer's starting base remuneration is INR 41,960/-. (with 4 advanced increments). Candidates interested in the position of SBI Probationary Officer should be aware of the revised SBI PO salary. The SBI salary structure consists of various parameters along with basic pay.

Here is a tabular representation of the SBI PO Salary Structure and its perks:

SBI PO Salary Structure


SBI PO Salary (Basic Pay)

INR 41,960/-

There are advance increments held in separate stages:

  1. For the First 7 years- INR 980/- 
  2. For the Next 2 years- INR 1,145/-
  3. For Another 7 years- INR 1,310/-

Dearness Allowance

INR 12,701/- (26% of the basic pay)


INR 2,937/-

Special Allowance

INR 6,881,-

Learning Allowance

INR 600/-

Location Allowance 

INR 700/-

Gross Salary

INR 65,780/-

City Compensatory Allowance(CCA)

3%–4%, depending on the area of posting

Allowances for newspapers, entertainment, and books, etc.

Varies based on Cadre

Leased House Accommodation

7%–9%, depending on the location of posting

Furniture Allowance

INR 1,20,000/- 

Medical Insurance

Employees are covered at 100% while dependent family members are covered at 75%.

Travelling Allowance

Only official travel with an AC 2-tier cost is reimbursed to the employee.


INR 1,100/- to INR 1,250/-

Loan Benefits

Employees benefit from reduced interest rates and loan discounts.

Salary Deduction at SBI PO

The following monthly deductions will be made from the SBI PO's gross compensation of INR 65,780/-, after which the officers would get an in-hand salary of INR 52,820/-.

Please see the table below to get acquainted with SBI PO Salary Deduction: 

                                        SBI PO Salary Deduction 



PF Contribution

INR 4,196/-

Income Tax

INR 3,290/-

Professional Tax

INR 200/-

Contributory Pension Fund 

INR 5,274

Total Deductions

INR 12,960/-

Net Salary(after deductions)

INR 52,820/-

 For more information about the SBI Annual Package, SBI PO Salary & Perks, SBI PO In-Hand Salary, SBI PO Salary Slip, SBI PO Job Profile, and SBI Promotion, refer to SBI PO Salary.

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IBPS PO Salary

The most recent pay withdrawn by IBPS Probationary Officers can be found here. We've also covered the benefits and allowances offered by IBPS PO. IBPS PO Salary consists of Basic pay, Dearness Allowance, City Compensatory Allowance(CCA), House Rent Allowances, and Special Allowance among other things.

From the below-tabulated data, you can see the updated salary structure as per the 11th Bipartite Agreement, which was issued in November 2020:

IBPS PO Salary Structure


IBPS PO Salary (Basic Pay)

INR 36,000/-

There are advance increments held in separate stages:

  1. IBPS PO Pay Scale – INR 23,700/- + INR 980/-* 7 years = INR 30,560/- + INR 1,145/-* 2 years = INR 32,850/- + INR 1,310/-* 7 years = INR 42,020/-
  2. Basic Maximum Salary after 7+2+7 years increments –  INR 42,020/-

Dearness Allowance

INR 8,593.20/-

Special Allowance (SA)

INR 5,904/-


INR 3,240/-


INR 1400/-

DA Others

INR 1,552.50/-

Learning Allowance

INR 600/-

CTC Gross Annual (with HRA but without leased accommodation)

INR 57, 289.70/-

Salary Deductions for IBPS PO

Parts of the compensation are deducted for a variety of reasons. These are universal and apply to all applicants hired following the IBPS PO. 

Each deduction's exact numbers are listed below: 

  Salary Details



INR 3,966/-


INR 830/-

Union Fee 

INR 150/-

Total Deductions

INR 4946/-

Net Salary

INR 52,630.38/-

There are other allowances and variables included in the IBPS PO Salary such as,

  • Leased Accommodation Reimbursement
  • Traveling Allowance
  • Newspaper Reimbursement
  • Medical Aid.
  • Benefits under New Pension Scheme.

For more information about the IBPS PO Annual Package, Perks, IBPS PO In-Hand Salary, IBPS PO Salary Slip, IBPS PO Job Profile, and IBPS Promotion, refer to IBPS PO Salary.

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Bank Clerk Salary

The Bank Clerk's position is mostly concerned with client issues and supports the Bank's resource structure. Several banks hold numerous bank clerk exams each year to provide chances for applicants. As an entryway into the banking sector, it is one of the most popular jobs among applicants. 

The Bank Clerk positions are,

  • SBI Clerk
  • IBPS Clerk
  • IBPS RRB Clerk

The Bank Clerk salary details for various banks are specified in detail below.

SBI Clerk Salary

Candidates who are interested in applying may be curious about the SBI Clerk Salary Structure and allowances. Candidates will be more motivated to study for the exam if they are aware of the SBI Clerk Salary. SBI Clerk is the Junior Associate position in the SBI. The SBI Clerk salary contains various parameters and included allowances and emoluments.

The table below shows the SBI Clerk Salary Structure that would be offered to applicants who are selected for the SBI Clerk Recruitment:


        Amount (INR)

Basic Pay

INR 19,900/-


INR 0/-


INR 6,234/- (26%)

Transport Allowance

INR 600/-


INR 2,091/-

Special Allowance

INR 3,263/-

Gross Salary

INR 32,088/-

Salary Deductions at SBI Clerk 


Amount (INR)

Professional Tax

INR 208/-

Pension Fund

INR 2,565/-

Net Salary

INR 32,088/-

 For the complete detail including SBI Clerk Pay Scale, Salary Component, SBI Clerk Emoluments, SBI Clerk Salary Slip, SBI Clerk Job Profile, and Career Growth, refer to SBI Clerk salary.

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IBPS Clerk Salary

The IBPS Clerk's initial salary package includes the Dearness Allowance and other benefits and ranges from INR 28,000/- to INR 30,000/- per month. 

The pay scale for IBPS Clerks is INR 19900-1100/1-20900-1230/3-24590-1490/4-30550-1730/7-42600-3270/1-45930-1990/1-47920.

The table below shows the IBPS Clerk Salary Structure that would be offered to applicants who are selected for the IBPS Clerk Recruitment:

                             IBPS Clerk Salary

Basic Pay

INR 19,900/-

Dearness Allowance

INR 5209.82/-

Special Allowance

INR 4118/-

Transport Allowance

INR 757.08/-


INR 0/-

House Rent Allowance(HRA)

INR 2039.75/-

Gross Pay

INR 32,024.65/-

Deduction (NPS Fund, Union Fee)

INR 2570.98/-

Net Pay

INR 29,453.67/-

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The IBPS RRB Exam is held to hire officers for various positions in rural banks. Many candidates seeking banking jobs are interested in learning more about the pay of the position they are applying for. The IBPS RRB Salary includes various parameters like Annual increment, Dearness Allowance, City Compensatory Allowance, House Rent Allowance, etc.

The IBPS RRB Exam is held to recruit candidates for four different positions. The following are the positions available through the IBPS RRB Exam and their following salary structure:

IBPS RRB Officer Scale

IBPS RRB salary- Cash in hand

Officer Scale 1 (PO)

INR 29,000/- to INR 33,000/-

Office Assistant or Clerk (Multipurpose)


INR 15,000/- to INR 19,000/-

Salary for IBPS RRB PO (Officer Scale 1)

The pay range for an IBPS RRB Probationary Officer (Scale 1) is INR 23,700/- to INR 42,021/-. In addition, the positions provide a regular wage increase.

 The table below shows the annual increases in IBPS RRB PO salary:

Period of Service

Annual Increments

First 7 Years of Service

INR 980/-

Next 2 Years of Service

INR 1,145/-

Next 7 Years of Service

INR 1,310/-

 IBPS RRB Clerk Salary (Office Assistant)

 The pay for IBPS Officer Assistant (Multipurpose) or Clerk is between INR 21,000/- and INR 23,000/-. 

The table below contains further information on IBPS Clerk annual increases:

Period of Service

Annual Increments

First 3 Years of Service

INR 400/-

Next 3 Years of Service

INR 500/-

Next 4 Years of Service

INR 600/-

Next 7 Years of Service

INR 700/-

Next Year

INR 1300/-

Next Year

INR 800/-

 The table below contains more information on all of the IBPS RRB Allowances and Perks:

IBPS RRB Allowances

Amount of Allowances

Dearness Allowance (DA)

75.9% of the Basic Pay

House Rental Allowance (HRA)

Rural Areas- 5% of Basic Pay

Semi-urban Areas- 7.5% of Basic Pay

Urban Areas- 10% of Basic Pay

Special Allowances

7.75% of Basic Pay

Travel Allowances (TA)

TA is paid to employees during their transfer.

Medical Expenses

The Bank also covers all of the employee's and their family's medical expenses.

Gratuity on Retirement

As part of their basic wage, bank employees are entitled to a sizable gratuity when they retire.

Petrol / Fuel Reimbursement

Candidates are also reimbursed for gas/fuel based on their distance from the office.


Other allowances and incentives are also given to IBPS RRB officers.

Bank SO Salary

The Bank SO (Specialist officer) salary varies across the banks. There are two grades of pots under Bank SO such as Junior Management and Middle Management. The details of the Bank SO Salary and other allowances are given below as per different banks.

SBI SO Salary

The salary of a Specialist Officer (SO) at the State Bank of India (SBI) has been discussed. An SBI SO's job profile is one of the most wanted in the industry. The pay scale offered for each job profile in the SBI SO Exam is unique, setting it apart from other Bank SO Exams.

SBI SO Salary varies as per different management positions and scales. The SBI SO Salary includes various perks like Reimbursement of the cost of petrol, Tea/Entertainment Expenses, Newspaper Reimbursement, and much more. This article will provide an overview of the SBI SO salary profile, including allowances, perks, and other advantages.

Once you qualify SBI SO 2021 examination, you will be paid as per the given table:

                                           SBI SO Salaries for various posts

Sr. No.


     SBI SO Salary


Faculty, SBIL, Kolkata

INR 25 lakh to INR 40 lakh p.a.


Vice President

(Stressed Assets Marketing)

CTC of INR 40.00 lacs to INR 43.00 lacs


Chief Manager

(Special Situation Team)

Pay Scale-

INR 50,030-1,460/4-55,870-1,650/2-59,170


Deputy Manager

(Stressed Assets Marketing)

Pay Scale- INR



Deputy Manager

(IS Audit)


Product Manager

Pay Scale- INR



Manager (Data Analyst)


Manager (Digital Marketing)


Manager (Anytime Channel)


SME Credit Analyst


Banking Supervisory Specialist



Head (Product, Investment & Research)

INR 80.00 lacs to INR 99.62 lacs


Central Research Team

(Portfolio Analysis & Data Analytics)

INR 25.00 lacs to INR 50.00 lacs


Central Research Team (Support)

INR 7.00 lacs to INR 10.00 lacs


Investment Officer

INR 12.00 lacs to INR 18.00 lacs


Project Development Manager


INR 12.00 lacs to INR 18.00 lacs


Relationship Manager

INR 6.00 lacs to INR 15 00 lacs


Relationship Manager

(Team Lead)

INR 10.00 lacs to INR 28.00 lacs


Chief Officer (Security)

Fixed monthly emoluments of INR1.40 lac

• Increment of INR 21,000/- in 2nd year and

• Increment of INR 24,000/- in 3 rd year


Executive (FI & MM)

CTC INR 6.00 lacs


Sr. Executive

(Social Banking & CSR)

CTC INR 10.00 lacs


Sr. Executive

(Digital Relations)

CTC INR 12.00 lac – INR 20 lac


Sr. Executive



Sr. Executive

(Digital Marketing)

SBI SO Benefits & Allowances

The benefits and allowances that an SBI SO receives differ from one post to the next. The benefits that an SBI SO receives, on the other hand, are enormous.

The perks and allowances for each post are listed below:

  • For MMGS Grade Scale III- The official will be eligible for DA, HRA, CCA, PF, Contributory Pension Fund, LFC, Medical Facility, and other benefits as per the rules in effect at the time.
  • For SBIL (Kolkata) Faculty- In addition to CTC, other benefits include Traveling Expenses (TE) for taxi rides, air (economy class) for official trips, and Deputation Allowance (DA) similar to our bank's Assistant General Manager.
  • The Chief Manager (Special Situation Team) and Deputy Manager (Stressed Assets Marketing) shall be entitled to DA, HRA, CCA, PF, Contributory Pension Fund, LFC, Medical Facility, and other benefits as determined by the rules in effect at the time.
  • There would be no bonuses or other compensation other than CTC for the Deputy Manager (Stressed Assets Marketing). In an 80:20 ratio, CTC compromised fixed and variable pay.
  • For Senior Executives (FI & MM) and Executives (FI & MM) (Social Banking & CSR)
  • Fixed pay component of 70%; (ii) Variable pay component of 30%; (iii) Annual increase – maximum 10% subject to Bank's restrictions; (iv) Traveling allowance and other benefits are available according to Bank's rules.
  • For the position of Deputy Manager (IS Audit), the employee will be eligible for DA, HRA, CCA, PF, Contributory Pension, LFC, Medical Facility, and other benefits as determined by the rules in effect at the time.

 IBPS SO Salary

IBPS SO Salary varies as per the job profiles and posts. Once you qualify for the IBPS SO 2021 Examination, you will undergo a training and probation period.

Let's look at the salary information for IBPS Specialist Officers. Scale I SO employees are paid a starting salary of INR 23,700/-. After the long-overdue 11th Bipartite Settlement, the IBPS Specialist Officer Salary will be changed. The current pay scale for IBPS SO is INR 23,700-980(7)-30,560-1,145(2)-32,850-1,310(7)-42,021. IBPS SO's gross salary ranges between INR 46,000/- and INR 48,000/-. After deductions (such PF and other deductions), a newly hired IBPS Specialist Officer's in-hand pay ranges from INR 42,000/- to INR 44,000/-.

IBPS SO Benefits & Allowances



Dearness Allowance

36% of Basic Salary.

Special Allowance

7.75% of (Basic+DA)



City Compensatory Allowance

0%-4% (Depending on Tier I to Tier III city)

PF Contribution

INR 3,000/- to INR 3,500/-

 For more details, you can go through the -

RBI Bank Salary

RBI, The central bank of India administers two major recruitments exams. They are highly popular among the aspirants and they are a gateway to the Reserve Bank of India. 

RBI Grade B Salary

Selection for the RBI Grade B exam includes employment security, a prestigious designation, and a variety of privileges and advantages, including competitive pay. The remuneration associated with the position is frequently a motivator for candidates to work hard and get selected. The following are the remuneration details for an RBI Grade B officer:

  • INR 35,150/- per month, RBI Grade B Salary (Basic Pay)
  • RBI Grade B Salary Scale - INR 35,150-1,750 (9)-50,900-EB-1,750 (2)-54,400-2,000 (4)-62,400 (16 years)
  • RBI Grade B Salary (Monthly Gross Emoluments): INR 83254/- (Approx)

This is the most recent RBI Grade B Salary for a Reserve Bank of India Grade B officer:

Pay and Allowances




Basic Pay

INR 35,150.00/-

EE NPS Contrib Amount

INR 6509.00/-

Grade Allowance

INR 6800.00/-

Prof Tax-splitperiod

INR 200.00/-

Dearness Allowance

INR 23144.00/-

BF EE NPS Monthly Contrib

INR 13018.00/-

House Allowance

INR 5273.00/-

House Rent Recovery

INR 620.00/-

COPS Incentive

INR 2720.00/-

Meal Coupon Deduction

INR 400.00/-

Spl Perquisite Allowance

INR 1465.00/-


INR 300.00/-

Spl Allow-Direct Recruit

INR 1800.00/-

RBI Officers Association

INR 40.00/-

Local Compensatory Allows

INR 3664.00/-

Sports Club Membership

INR 30.00/-

Meal allowance

INR 160.00/-

Income Tax

INR 5319.00/-

Gross Pay

INR 80,176.00/-

Total Deductions

INR 26,436.00/-

The RBI Grade B Salary is as per the pay scale and includes other allowances such as Dearness Allowance, Local allowance, House Rent Allowance, Family Allowance is increments, and Grade Allowance.

RBI Grade B officers receive the following additional benefits in addition to their salary:

  • Accommodation at the Bank.
  • Expenses for car maintenance for official purposes are reimbursed. Telephone rates are reimbursed.
  • Fare Concession Loans and Advances should be left at concessionary rates.
  • Allowances for Residence Furnishing Fuel Allowance.
  • Gratuity Benefits and the New Pension Scheme.

RBI Grade B Salary includes other allowances such as Mobile Allowance, Sodexo Coupons, Leave Fare Concession Travel (LFC), Briefcase allowance, Spectacles allowances, and much more.

RBI Assistant Salary

Salary, perks, emoluments, and other benefits are some of the factors that attract candidates. The Reserve Bank of India is a prominent Indian bank that offers its employees enticing salaries and benefits. Every aspirant preparing for a banking job dreams of working for the RBI. The Reserve Bank of India offers a variety of benefits and incentives to its employees, as well as compensation that allows them to maintain a work-life balance.

RBI Assistants start at INR 14,650/- per month (plus two advanced increments) on a salary scale of INR 13,150– 750(3) – 15,400– 900(4) – 19,000– 1,200(6) – 26,200– 1,300(2) – 28,800– 1,480(3)– 33,240– 1,750(1) – 34,990. (20 years). An RBI Assistant's monthly in-hand remuneration is Rs.33,148/-. 

Take a look at the table below for further information: 

                                           RBI Assistant Salary



Basic Pay

INR 14,650/-


INR 265/-

Grade Allowance

INR 2200/-

Dearness Allowance

INR 12,587/-

Transport Allowance

INR 1000/-

House Rent Allowance

INR 2238/-

Special Allowance

INR 2040/-

Local Compensatory Allowance

INR 1743/-

Gross pay INR

INR 36,723/-


INR 3,575/-

Total Pay

INR 33,148/-

RBI Assistant Salary Deductions

The net gross salary of an RBI Assistant is deducted in the amount of INR 3,575/-, as shown in the table below:

RBI Assistant Salary Deductions



EE NPS Cont. Amount

INR 2,970/-

Prof Tax- split period

INR 200/-

Meal Coupon Deduction

INR 160/-


INR 225/-

All India RBI Employee

INR 10/-

Sports Club Membership

INR 10/-


INR 3,575/-

The other component of RBI Assistant Salary is 

  • Dearness Allowance
  • House Rent Allowance
  • City Compensatory Allowance
  • Transport Allowance

There are other perks included in RBI Assistant Salary such as Housing Accommodation (subject to availability), Reimbursement of expenses for maintenance of vehicle for official purpose, Newspaper, Brief case, Book Grant and much more. 

This was all there to know about the bank Salary Structure of  SBI, IBPS for PO, Clerk, and SO posts, and RBI for Grade B and Assistant posts. Visit BYJU's Exam Prep website to have access to course materials designed specifically for all students. Also please contact us at BYJU's Exam Prep for any queries. We hope you find this information helpful.

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  •  The basic pay of an RBI Assistant is INR 14,650/- per month.

  •  The basic pay of an IBPS Specialist Officer ranges between INR 36,300/- to INR 64,600/-.

  • It varies according to the place of posting and can be 7% to 9% of the basic salary.

  • The basic pay of a Probationary Officer is INR 36,000/-.

  • An SBI PO's in-hand salary ranges from INR 52000/- to INR 55000/-.

  • The starting SBI PO salary is INR 41960/- (basic pay) with four advanced increments.

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