IBPS SO Marketing Officer Salary 2022: Job Profile, Promotion & Career Growth

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

IBPS has recently released the final result for the IBPS SO Recruitment Exam. Many students have been selected under the IBPS Specialist Officer Cadre and Marketing Officer is one of them. In this article, we are going to discuss the IBPS SO Marketing Officer in-hand Salary 2022, Pay Scale, Job Profile, and Career Promotions. 

Most of the candidates selected in the IBPS SO Exam would want to know about the IBPS SO Marketing Salary in Hand and the IBPS SO Marketing Officer Pay-scale. Furthermore, you will be  IBPS SO marketing job profile, job promotion curve, work responsibilities, etc. So, in this article, we will try our best to cover all about the IBPS SO marketing officer salary and other details. 

IBPS Marketing Officer plays a vital role in any bank. Some of the core responsibilities of an IBPS SO Marketing officer are increasing the sale and identifying the opportunities of cross-selling, improving the brand value of the bank via advertising and social media or digital marketing, and promoting various indigenous products as well as third parties products of the bank. Any candidate who aspires to make a career in the direction of marketing strategies, sales strategies, data analysis, etc. should not miss this opportunity.

Today, we will provide you with an insight into the overall Job Profile of the IBPS SO Marketing Officer. 

IBPS SO Marketing Officer Job Profile

IBPS Marketing officer plays an important role in the bank. For example, the marketing officer in Canara bank is responsible for increasing sales to make it more profitable. A marketing officer is involved in all types of marketing, social media & networking events. The Job responsibilities may vary as per the scale of the post & size of the organization. The marketing Officer may have different field opportunities as well.

IBPS SO Marketing Officer Work Responsibilities:

  • The marketing Officer is responsible for Managing Social Media and Social Media Marketing Tools.
  • Engaging and organizing Marketing campaigns, marketing events, and promotional activities for the various products of the Bank.
  • He/she Coordinates with different departments of the bank to introduce various lucrative offers for the customers which are tailor-made to suit their requirements.
  • The marketing Officer involves in the advertisements activities of the bank. He/She works are out the advertising budgets and deal with the advert agencies. 
  • Managing promotional efforts such as press releases, bulletin board advertisements, and other similar chores in order to increase sales and attract new consumers.
  • Actively participates in and leads the team to create and design relevant advertisements that successfully communicate the bank’s message to customers.
  • A marketing officer’s responsibilities also include developing marketing strategies and tactics to boost earnings and sales for the bank.
  • Work with the PR department to keep the bank’s image positive and growth-oriented.
  • Ascertain that all of the bank’s marketing tactics are compliant with the authorities’ laws and regulations.

IBPS SO Marketing Officer Salary & Pay Scale

The basic pay of an IBPS SO Marketing Officer (Scale I) is ₹ 23,700/-. Their pay ranges from 23700-980(7)-30560-1145(2)-32850-1310(7)-42020 to 23700-980(7)-30560-1145(2)-32850-1310(7)-42020.

The gross salary of the IBPS SO Marketing Officer is around ₹ 50000 /- after the 11th Bi-partite settlement. The in-hand salary will be around ₹ 43000 /- after all the deductions.

IBPS SO Perks and Allowances

IBPS SO Marketing Officer enjoys a list of perks and allowances along with the salary in hand. Below is the list of perks offered to an IBPS SO Marketing Officer.

  • Dearness Allowance.
  • House Rent Allowance.
  • Transport Allowance.
  • Newspaper reimbursement.
  • Hospitalization reimbursement.
  • Pension.
  • Petrol.
  • Deputation Allowance.
  • PF Allowance.

IBPS SO Marketing Officer Career Promotion

As a Marketing Officer, there are immense opportunities to grow in any organization. The career growth of a Marketing Officer follows the below-mentioned hierarchy:

  • Junior Management Grade Scale – I Officer
  • Middle Management Grade Scale – 2 Manager
  • Middle Management Grade Scale – 3 Senior Manager
  • Senior Management Grade Scale – 4 Chief Manager
  • Senior Management Grade Scale – 5 Assistant General Manager
  • Top Management Grade Scale – 6 Deputy General Manager
  • Top Management Grade Scale – 7 General Manager

Every bank/organization follows different promotion policies & channels of promotion but the responsibilities of the Marketing Officer remain the same in government as well as in private organizations.

If you have any other questions about IBPS SO Recruitment 2021-22, you can ask in the comment section. We will try to address your queries at the earliest. 

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