Which type of wiring is suitable for multi-storey buildings?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The type of wiring that is suitable for multi-storey buildings is known as the tree system. In this, different branch lines are taken from the distribution board to the different parts of the house. Each branch line is taken to a room through a fuse in the live wire and the distribution circuits look like different branches of a tree.

Answer: The tree system of wiring is suitable for multi storey buildings.

In tree wiring system, live wires are connected in parallel. It is because in the event of short-circuit, in one distribution circuit, its fuse blows off, without affecting the electric supply in the other circuits. All the electrical appliances in the home are connected in parallel so that they all may work at the same voltage.

Disadvantages of tree-type wiring system

Following are the disadvantages of the tree system:

  • When the fuse blows it disconnects all appliances from the supply connected to that distribution circuit.

  • It is expensive as it requires sockets and plugs of different sizes for different current carrying capacities.

  • Sometimes it is inconvenient when a new appliance requiring a higher current is to be installed in a distribution board of lower current rating, then it is necessary to put the new line wires from the appliance up to the distribution board.


Which type of wiring is suitable for multi-storey buildings?

Tree type of wiring is suitable for multi-storey buildings.

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