When does Page Fault occur?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The page fault occurs when a program tries to access a piece of memory that does not exist in the main memory or physical memory. It specifies the operating system to detect all data into virtual memory management and then relocate it from secondary memory to its primary memory.

Answer: The page fault occur when a requested page is mapped in virtual address space but is not currently located in the physical memory or main memory. 

There are various terminologies for page fault like Page Fault Time, Page Hit, Page Miss, Page Fault Delay, etc. Page fault can occur due to different reasons such as writing to a copy-on-write page, accessing a page that is on standby, accessing a demand-zero page, etc.


When does Page Fault occur?

A page fault is raised by the hardware to trap the software when a program accesses a page that is mapped in the virtual address space but not loaded in physical memory.

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