The example of Pinnately Compound Leaf is __________.

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

1. Silk Cotton

2. Neem

3. Both 1 and 2

4. None of the above

A leaf in which a row of leaflets forms on either side of an extension of the petiole is called a pinnately compound leaf. In this, the leaf is divided into smaller leaflets, and the leaflets are arranged on each side of the leaf’s axis.

Answer: The example of a Pinnately Compound Leaf is Neem.

A leaf of this category can be either even-pinnate or odd-pinnate. The leaves that have pairs of leaflets attached along the leaves with no terminal leaflet are known as even-pinnate leaves. The leaves that have a terminal leaflet at the end of the leaf’s axis along with pair(s) of leaflets attached along the leaf’s axis are called odd-pinnate leaves.

More about Pinnately Compound Leaf

The extra information related to the Pinnately Compound Leaf can be seen below:

  • When the leaflets are also divided into leaflets then it is called twice pinnate or bipinnate.

  • The leaves in which leaflet attaches to the secondary axis/rachis such leaves are known as tripinnate.

  • ‘Pinnate’ word has been taken from the Latin word pinnātus, meaning feathered or winged.

  • The leaves vary in length.

  • Another word for bipinnate is pinnule.


The example of Pinnately Compound Leaf is __________.

Out of the given options, Neem is the example of Pinnately Compound Leaf.

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