The angle of dip at magnetic equator of earth is ________.

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

1. 90 degree

2. 45 degree

3. 0 degree

4. 180 degree

The magnetic equator is where the inclination (I) or dip is zero. It is not fixed and changes slowly. The north end of the dip needle dips below the horizontal, I and Z are positive at the North of the magnetic equator. On the other hand, the south end dips below the horizontal, I and Z are measured negative at the South of the magnetic equator.

Answer: The angle of dip at the magnetic equator of earth is 0 degrees.

At the magnetic equator, the magnetic field lines are exactly horizontal and the inclination of the magnetic field varies from vertical at the magnetic poles to horizontal. The locus of the points having zero dip is called an aclinic line or magnetic equator. It is an imaginary line roughly parallel to the geographical equator and passing through those points where a magnetic needle has no dip.

It is an important phenomenon in the aviation industry because it causes the compass of airplanes to give erroneous readings during banked turns and airspeed changes. To compensate for a magnetic dip, compass needles are often weighted during manufacture.


The angle of dip at the magnetic equator of earth is

Out of the given options, zero degree is the correct answer.

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