What is the SI unit of Viscosity?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Pascal-Second or newton-second per square meter (N·s/m2) is the SI unit of Viscosity. Viscosity occurs in liquid and gas. It is the resistance to deform shape or movement of neighbouring portions at a given rate. It represents opposition to the flow.

Answer: The SI unit of Viscosity is pascal-second.

Viscosity is the frictional force between adjacent layers of fluid in a relative motion. It curbs the flow of liquid in injection molding, spraying, and surface coating. It can be classified into three types Kinematic viscosity, Dynamic viscosity, and General viscosity. Viscosity depends upon the temperature, pressure, and rate of deformation of a liquid. In superfluids, the viscosity is zero at very low temperatures. Such fluids are called ideal or inviscid.

What is the SI unit of Viscosity?

The SI unit of Viscosity is newton-second per square meter (N·s/m2) or Pascal-Second. Fluidity is the reciprocal of viscosity.

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