SEBI Grade A Officer Vs RBI Grade B

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

SEBI Grade A vs RBI Grade B Officer: SEBI Grade A and RBI Grade B have given a lot many opportunities to the aspirants. When it comes to preparing for Government jobs, aspirants compare their salary, growth progression, job profiles, duties, etc. Here let us discuss the comparison of SEBI Grade A vs RBI Grade B.

No doubt, profiles of SEBI Grade A and RBI Grade B are managerial-level posts and open a vast array of responsibilities with the manager tag but there are a few differences based on their job profile, salary, and other factors.

SEBI Grade A Vs RBI Grade B Officer

Working on the profile of these two, provide exposure to various facets of the Indian economy and agriculture. Let us discuss certain important aspects of SEBI Grade A and RBI Grade B profiles to draw a conclusion from the comparison of these two.

There is a huge difference between SEBI Grade A vs RBI Grade B work responsibilities, salary, growth progression, job profile, work culture, and duties. Let us understand both with the help of certain parameters to come to a conclusion.

SEBI Grade A vs RBI Grade B
Point Of Comparison SEBI Grade A Officer RBI Grade B Officer
Designation Assistant Manager in SEBI Manager in RBI
Company/Organization Securities & Exchange Board of India Reserve Bank of India
Mode of Exam Online Mode Online Mode

Level 1: Paper 1 and paper 2

Level 2: paper 1 and paper 2

Level 3: Interview

Level 1: Paper 1

Level 2: Paper 1 and Paper 2

Level 3: Interview

SEBI Grade A Vs RBI Grade B – Eligibility Criteria

As both the exams are different from each other, let us know about their eligibility criteria in detail. Know who can apply for both the post subject to their SEBI Grade A vs RBI Grade B eligibility.

Eligibility SEBI Grade A RBI Grade B
Eligibility criteria Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or a master’s degree in any discipline. Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline with at least 60% marks.
Experience No experience is required No experience is required

SEBI Grade A Vs RBI Grade B – Salary and Probation Period

An RBI Grade B officer’s base salary is 35,150 per month. If we take into account the perks provided by RBI, the salary scale increases to 77,208 (estimated). A SEBI Grade A officer’s gross pay is Rs 1,07,000 per month without housing and Rs 73,000 per month with housing. SEBI Grade A RBI Grade B

The pay scale of SEBI Grade A officer is Rs. 28150-1550(4)-34350-1750(7)-46600-EB-1750(4)-53600- 2000(1)-55600 (17 years).

The gross salary including all the benefits is approximately 107000/- Per month(without accommodation in the city Mumbai) and rs 73000/- with accommodation

starting basic pay of RBI Grade B officer is ₹ 35,150/- p.m. on the scale of Rs. 35150-1750 (9)-50900-EB-1750 (2)-54400-2000 (4)-62400

Currently, initial monthly Gross emoluments are approximately Rs. 75000/-(Inclusive of all benefits)

Probation Period 2 years 2 Years

SEBI Grade A Vs RBI Grade B Officer: Job Responsibilities

SEBI Grade A RBI Grade B

Liable to Approve the Stock exchanges by Law

Amendment in the stock exchange by law

Identifying any cheating or malpractices within the organization

Inspection of the organizational accounts

Helping to improve investors in Securities

Granting of the stock exchange and withdrawing it.

The work profile of the RBI Garde B officer may vary from place to place. It depends on the branch he/she is posted in.

He is responsible to keep a check on inflation.

He/She is responsible to circulate the currency to various nationalized banks.

Looking after the monetary working within an organization.

SEBI Grade A Vs RBI Grade B officer – Career Prospects

SEBI Grade A RBI Grade B

Generally, the progression cycle in SEBI takes place as mentioned below

Asst. Manager


Asst. General Manager

Deputy Manager

General Manager

Chief General Manager

Executive Head

The career progression of RBI Grade B is as follows:


Asst. General Manager

Deputy General Manager

Chief General Manager

Principal Chief Manager

Executive Director

Deputy Governor

SEBI Grade A Vs RBI Grade B – Place Of Posting

SEBI Grade A RBI Grade B

Chances of posting of Officer Grade A are high in Mumbai, as SEBI has its headquarters in Mumbai.

SEBI has its offices in metropolitan cities only and one can be expected to be posted there throughout their career with SEBI.

The central office of RBI is located in Mumbai hence chances are high to be posted there.

Apart from the central office, RBI has its branch in metropolitan cities only.

PO, Clerk, SO, Insurance

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