Ripple Counters are also called

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Asynchronous counters are also referred to as Ripple Counters. It is basically used for counting the number of clock pulses applied to a flip-flop. Apart from that, they are also used for frequency measurement, time measurement, distance measurement, etc.

Answer: Ripple Counters are also called Asynchronous counters.

In the ripple counter, the flip-flops are arranged in a cascaded manner where the output of one flip-flop drives the clock input of the next flip-flop. The number of flip-flops in a cascade arrangement on the basis of the number of different logic states. The features of ripple counter are different flip-flops can be used with a different clock pulse, in the counting sequence flip-flop applied with an external clock pulse works as least significant bit, etc. Based on the input control, it can be an up counter to count upwards or a down counter to count downwards, or can be both.


Ripple Counters are also called

Ripple Counters are also known as Asynchronous counters. The flip-flops are supplied with different clock signals hence there may be a delay in output.

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