Most Important Inequality & Alpha Numeric Series Questions for IBPS RRB Exam 2022

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

IBPS RRB 2022 PO and Clerk Prelims exam is scheduled to be held in August 2022In this post, we shall confine ourselves to the reasoning section and will deal with the important topics and the ways to go about them. 

It is expected that  10-13 questions will be asked from Inequalities, alphanumeric series, and other miscellaneous topics out of 40 questions in the Reasoning Section. These are considered to be as easier topics in the reasoning section. The majority of the student find it easy to solve the questions based on them. So, try to attempt all the questions based on these topics to maximize your score.

To help you in your preparation, we are sharing Inequalities, alphanumeric series, and other miscellaneous topic questions. In this PDF we have covered important questions, that are being frequently asked in exams. Practicing these questions will help you to score good marks in the Reasoning section. You can practice all the questions and check your preparation with the detailed solution provided along with the PDF.

Importance of Reasoning Section in IBPS RRB Exam 2022

Kindly keep in mind that Reasoning ability is one of the most important parts of the IBPS RRB exam 2022.

  • It consists of 40 marks in the prelims exam out of a total of 80 marks and 50 marks in the mains exam out of a total of 200 marks of IBPS RRB.
  • With proper clarity of concepts and sheer practice, anyone can score very good marks in this section that will further improve his/her chance of final selection.

Examples of Practice Questions:

Kindly find some of the examples of the questions provided in the PDF.

1.Statement: P ≤ X ; Y > X ; Y = Z >Q ; P < B

Conclusion: 1) B > Z 2) P < Q 3) P < Y 4) Y < Q 5) B = Q

A. Only conclusion 1 follows. B. Only conclusion 2 follows. C. Either conclusion 4 or 5 follows. D. Only 3 follows. E. Both conclusions 1 and 5 follow.

2.Statement: M > S ≥ W; W ≥ U ; V < U Conclusion:

1) V ≥ U 2) V < M 3) S > U 4) S = U 5) M > U
A. Only conclusion 1 follows. B. Only conclusions 2 and 5 and either 3 or 4 follow. C. Either conclusion 1 or 2 follows. D. Neither conclusion 1 nor 2 follows. E. Both conclusions 5 and 2 follow.

3.The following questions are based on the five three digits numbers given below:
476 538 289 814 753

Which of the following is the second digit of the three digits number obtained by subtracting the lowest number from the highest number?
A. 2 B. 3 C. 4 D. 6 E. 7

Download Reasoning Practice Questions PDF

Kindly click the direct links provided below to download the most expected and important questions of Inequality, alphanumeric series, and other miscellaneous questions for the upcoming IBPS RRB exams 2022.

Reasoning Questions PDF for IBPS RRB 2022 (English)

Reasoning Questions PDF for IBPS RRB 2022 (Hindi)

The questions in this PDF are of easy-moderate level. It has been put there to give you an idea about the level of questions asked in the IBPS RRB exam. Remember that you need to practice a good number of questions to be able to be in a position to solve the questions asked in the exam within the given time frame. 

Following are the category and number of questions compiled in the PDF- 

Sl. No.  Category No. of Questions
1. Inequality Based 20
2. Alphanumeric Series Based 20
3. Miscellaneous Topics 10

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Most Important Inequality & Alpha Numeric Series Questions for IBPS RRB Exam 2022

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