Last Minute Preparation Tips for RBI Assistant Mains Exam 2022

By BYJU'S Exam Prep

Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Last Minute Tips for RBI Assistant mains exam 2022: RBI Assistant mains exam is around the corner now.

Keeping in mind the expectations of our users and budding officers, we are sharing some last minute tips for RBI Assistant mains exam 2022. The exam is going to be conducted on 8th May 2022.

The candidates who have cleared RBI Assistant prelims 2022 with their sheer hard work and dedication, it’s now the time for them to prove their mettle again. 


Last Minute Preparation Tips for RBI Assistant Mains 2022

The RBI Assistant mains exam is the most important element of the recruitment process because it determines the final merit list. Keep these last-minute RBI Assistant preparation tips 2022 suggestions in mind.

1. Be ready for the New Type of Questions

Do not expect questions based on the same old pattern. As a matter of fact, the pattern of some topics like syllogism, coding-decoding, DI has been changing.

Hence, make sure to practice a good number of questions pertaining to a new pattern. Mock tests are the way to master this. Make sure to be thorough with the basic concept of all the topics.

2. Revision is the Key to Success

During the last few days before the final exam, revision of topics should be your priority. Do not pick up anything new during these days.

You have already studied whatever you could. You just revise that studied material. Focus more on revising those topics which are frequently asked in the exam.

Also if you have a good habit of making notes of important points, revise them well. As very few days are left for the exam, try to revise one subject per day. 

3. Use Mock Test to Boost your Performance

Mock tests can give a thrust to your performance like nothing else. By attempting mock tests, you learn many things, such as new concepts, time management as well as tackling exam pressure.

So make sure to practice enough number of mock tests before appearing for the actual exam. Evaluate your performance in the mocks and practice topics in which you are scoring less with the help of RBI Assistant preparation tips.

You can practice the most expected questions in the RBI Assistant Test series of BYJU’S Exam Prep Regulatory body Test series.

4. Solve Previous Years’ Questions Paper

Solve previous year paper to be familiar with the pattern and level of exam. Previous year papers give a good idea of the level of questions to be asked in the examination. Prepare yourself accordingly.

5. Be careful with the choice of your question

The questions you choose in the actual exam can make or break your chance of success. Your choice must be wise and smart and in this RBI Assistant preparation tips will help you.

Identify your strengths in sections and use them wisely. Similarly, identify your weaknesses and through this avoid doing mistakes during the exam.

If at all a question in the exam is leaving you in a fix, abstain spending too much time on it. If you are not able to solve some question within a stipulated time, please leave it and move on to further questions.

6. Pay attention to the instruction properly before attempting any question

In an exam like RBI Assistant, it’s all about the presence of mind. Don’t just start attempting any questions without reading its instructions properly.  Do not miss the crucial words in instructions .

Sometimes, the essence of questions completely lies in instructions. Like in questions of Syllogism, there may be written, Which conclusion does not follow ”.

So make sure to read the instructions properly before attempting any question in the examination. Before that give a through look at the last-minute RBI Assistant preparation tips.

7. Prepare yourself for the Unexpected

RBI Assistant mains exam is dynamic so do not lose your calm if you see questions based on a new pattern in the exam.

Give it a look, try to solve it by applying the basic concepts of the topic with an attentive and calm mind.

Despite all of this, if you are still not able to solve, don’t take it as a challenge and move on to the next question. Do not ever lose your patience and remain calm.

8. Be focused on Accuracy

In an exam, which has negative marking, maintaining accuracy is very important. Your every mark is very important, so do not guess the answer just for the sake of increasing your attempts in the exam. Attempt each and every question with utmost accuracy and avoid guesswork.

Things to keep in mind

Proper diet and Proper Sleep: Keep yourself healthy by taking proper diet a few days before the exam. Also, don’t forget to take the proper sleep before the exam.

Candidates mostly avoid these things in order to save time for study. But that is not good. To perform well in the exam, you need an attentive mind.

Believe in yourself: Do not get demotivated by anything around you. Last days before exams, avoid group study and focus on self-study. Revise what you have studied and stick to your strategy. Do not think about the level of preparation for others. Just try to give your best and forget the rest.

Note: Things you will need for the examination are: your admit card, one photograph, your original valid ID Proof, photocopy of the same ID proof. So do not forget to keep all of these a night before.

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.

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