Questions Asked in Indian Bank PO Prelims Exam 6th October 2018 (All Shifts)

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Indian Bank PO Prelims exam 2018 held today. In this article, we are sharing the questions asked in today’s exam which will be helpful for the upcoming examinations. The overall level of the Indian Bank PO Prelims Exam was Moderate. In every shift, there were some changes and variations. In this article, we are sharing the questions asked in Indian Bank PO Prelims Exam. We are sharing analysis of the exam as per their shift timings. Make sure to go through it to get an overall information about topics asked for the upcoming slots and examinations.

Indian Bank PO Prelims Exam Analysis: 6th Oct 2018 (First shift) 

Indian Bank PO Prelims Exam Analysis 2018: 6th October (Second Shift)

Indian Bank PO Prelims Exam Analysis: 6th Oct 2018 (Third shift) 

We will keep on updating questions asked shift-wise.

Questions asked in Indian Bank PO Prelims Exam: 6th October 2018

Wrong Number Series asked in first Shift

  • 7 92 173 250 323 394 457
  • 6 127 227 300 372 421 457
  • 10 15 30 75 225 900 3150
  • 8 56 336 1680 6720 20040
  • 7 11 36 54 179 215 558 

Quantity Based Question

Q1. Quantity 1: In Village A and B, the population in B was 50% more than A. The percentage of boys was given of A and B and the total population of A and B was given. In the first quantity, the difference between females of both villages was asked.
      Quantity 2: 1000

Arithmetic Questions

Q1. Area of triangle = area of the circle. Base and height of the circle was given. You have to find the radius.

Q2. A boat can go an upstream distance of 60 km and downstream distance of 60 km in 5 hours. The speed of still Water is 400% more than the speed of steam. Then find the speed of the stream.
A 10

B 15 

C 25

D 35

E 20 

Ans is C

Q3. The salary of A is 25% more than B and they both save 25 % of their salary and the difference of their saving is 2500 then find salary of B.

Q4. A train having speed 72km/h  cover a platform double of its length in 45sec. How much time it takes to cover another train having length 400 m and a  speed of 54km/h running in opposite direction.

Ans 20m/s

These questions were framed as per the reviews of the students. We will keep uploading more questions for all the shifts as per your feedback 

Note: If you remember any question from the exam, feel free to share it in the comments section!


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