What is the Nature of Oxides of Non-Metal?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The nature of oxides of non-metals is acidic. The oxides of non-metals are covalent and react with water to form acid. The chemical reaction of non-metals with oxygen to give oxide.

Answer: The oxides of most of the non-metals are anhydrides or acidic in nature.

The chemical elements that do not possess metallic properties are called non-metals. The non-metallic atoms are electronegative and attract electrons in a chemical reaction to form acidic compounds. Non-metals have large band gaps which makes them poor conductors of heat and electricity. They are brittle and amorphous in nature. On moving from left to right in the periodic table the non-metallic properties of the non-metals increases because of the addition of the electrons in the valence shell. Bromine is the only non-metal which is present in the liquid form. Besides, it is so volatile.


What is the Nature of Oxides of Non-Metal?

The oxides of non-metals are mostly acidic in nature. Some examples of non-metals are hydrogen, helium, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, silicon, etc.

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