LIC AAO vs LIC ADO – Job Profile, Salary, Career Growth, Promotion

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

LIC AAO VS LIC ADO: A job in the insurance sector has always been regarded as one of the most preferred career options for Government job seekers. As such, the insurance sector offers a great number of attractive jobs for which many candidates apply every year. The Life Insurance Corporation of India recruits candidates for various posts through competitive exams. Also, the recruitment drives conducted by LIC happen to be one of the most competitive and popular at the same time.

Let’s discuss various differences between LIC AAO and LIC ADO in terms of exam pattern, salary, job profile, work environment, career growth, and promotion.

The two of the most popular posts in the Corporation are LIC AAO and LIC ADO. The exam for both of the posts in scheduled to take place shortly. Each of the LIC posts offers great career options to the aspirant. However, when it comes to choosing between the two, a lot of candidates fail to realize which one best suits their career profile and potential.

So, if you have applied for the upcoming LIC AAO and LIC ADO exams, then it lies in your best interest to know which positions are best for you. To help you decide better, we have come up with a comparative analysis for both LIC AAO and LIC ADO. This comparison is based on the basis of job profile, salary, work environment, and career growth.

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LIC AAO vs LIC ADO Job Profile

LIC AAO Job Profile

As the name suggests, the Assistant Administrative Officer (AAO) undertakes administrative work in the field of insurance. The Officer mainly works in the administrative department of the company under an administrative officer or head of the department. The detailed job description of AAO is given below –

  • Responsible for filling the claims and settlements.
  • Communicating with clients on a regular basis.
  • Monitoring the existing insurance policies to spot errors and misleading information.
  • Formulating new policies for the company for replacing the existing ones to strengthen it.
  • To settle issues related to claims and policies by coordinating with other departments.
  • Travel to certain areas in case of requirement.

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LIC ADO Job Profile

LIC ADO or Apprentice Development Officer is responsible for handling marketing as well as sales aspect of the insurance company. The job of LIC ADO involves a little bit of fieldwork and is a mix of marketing and sales discipline. Once selected, the candidates go through pre-emptive training to understand LIC the existing LIC policies, and areas where they can easily crack the sales. After the successful completion of the training period, the LIC Officer is required to fulfill the following responsibilities –

  • To facilitate the recruitment of LIC agents for selling policies in the designated areas.
  • To provide training to the LIC agents working under his guidance
  • Responsible for analyzing the performance of each LIC agent and discovering their capabilities and weaknesses.
  • To assign LIC agents a proper sales target and maintain a high degree of sincerity in sale
  • To motivate the agents regularly and help them achieve maximum sales in a given period of time

The job of LIC ADO is more marketing-oriented rather than management-based. So, an individual who is an expert in getting the job done via others is a perfect fit for the role. Also, unlike an Assistant Administrative Officer, you will be expected to travel more often to attend sales meetings and for acquiring new sales.

LIC AAO 2021 vs LIC ADO 2021 – Salary Comparison

For any job profile, salary and allowances are the most essential components. It is one of the most important motivations for people to apply for a particular job. The salary and allowances provided in the insurance sector are good. You can also be entitled to additional perks and bonuses depending upon your performance.

Here is the breakdown of LIC AAO and LIC ADO Salary 2021

LIC AAO Salary 2021

The LIC AAO is entitled to a Basic pay of Rs. 32795/- per month on the scale of Rs. 32795- 1610(14) –55335– 1745(4) –62315. The Officer gets other possible allowances as per the rules. So, depending upon the classification of the city, the salary of the LIC AAO can be up to Rs 56,000/- per month in ‘A-Class city.

The total LIC AAO Salary is the sum of the Basic Pay and the special allowances which are given below-

  • Dearness Allowance – 40% of the Basic Pay
  • House Rent Allowance – 9%, 7-8%, and 6-7% for Metro, Urban and Small city respectively.
  • City Compensatory Allowance – 4%, 3%, or 0% of the Basic Pay depending on the location of the job.

LIC ADO Salary 2021

The candidate selected as LIC ADO will be paid a fixed stipend per month during the apprentice period as per the rules of the Corporation. The LIC ADO is entitled to the basic pay of Rs. 21,865/- per month (except for Employee Category candidates) on the scale of 21865-1340(2)-24545-1580(2) and other possible allowances as per the rule. The total emoluments during the apprentice period will be approximately ₹37,345/- in ‘A-Class City.

The Salary of the LIC ADO is the total sum of the Basic Pay along with the special allowances which are as follows-

  • Transport Allowance
  • Dearness Allowance
  • House Rent Allowance
  • City Compensatory Allowance
  • Performance Linked Incentives

LIC AAO vs LIC ADO – Work Environment

LIC AAO Work Environment and Pressure

The LIC AAO is tasked with the administrative responsibilities, therefore, he/she is expected to complete their quota of work on a daily basis. This mainly includes verifying the document-associated policies, accounts, claims, and settlements. Also, it is very rare that an Assistant Administrative Officer is assigned the duties of client interaction and sales. So, unless and until there is an audit session, the LIC AAO work environment is pretty easy-going and calm.

LIC ADO Work Environment and Pressure

The job of an Apprentice Development Officer involves recruiting and managing LIC agents as well as acquiring sales. Therefore, a LIC ADO is expected to advance a step ahead of LIC AAO in terms of job comfort level. The main duty of the ADO is to retain existing clients and bring new sales while coordinating with a team of LIC agents. Therefore, the individual is required to think out of the box and come up with new ideas to crack sales.

Since a good amount of LIC ADO bonus depends upon sales procurement, the pressure to perform is always there. So, compared to the LIC AAO, the LIC ADO work environment is a little volatile and job security is also less. However, if the Officer keeps on performing for a longer period of time, he/she can get a good promotion and can reach the Development Officer level in the future.

LIC AAO vs LIC ADO Career Growth and Promotion

The insurance sector is not one of the best when it comes to regular job promotions and career growth. It takes almost 7 to 8 years for an individual to get a promotion to Life Insurance Corporation. However, this should not stop you from performing well in your role as a LIC Assistant Administrative Officer or Apprentice Development Officer. The departmental career growth in LIC AAO and LIC ADO is as follows-

LIC AAO Career Graph

  • Assistant Administrative Officer (AAO)
  • Administrative Officer (AO)
  • Assistant Branch Manager (ABM)
  • Branch Manager (BM)
  • Senior Branch Manager (SBM)
  • Assistant Divisional Manager (ADM)
  • Divisional Manager
  • Senior Divisional Manager
  • Regional Manager

LIC ADO Career Graph

  • Apprentice Development Officer
  • Development Officer
  • Assistant Branch Manager (ABM)
  • Branch Manager (BM)
  • Senior Branch Manager (SBM)
  • Assistant Divisional Manager (ADM)
  • Divisional Manager
  • Senior Divisional Manager
  • Regional Manager

Note: Following the post of Assistant Branch Manager (ABM), both LIC AAO and LIC ADO follow a similar career graph and merge into one.

LIC AAO vs LIC ADO – Final Conclusion

The work of the LIC Administrative Officer involves a good amount of paperwork and minimum fieldwork. So, if you want to settle in a less pressurized and comfortable job, then you can simply opt for LIC AAO. However, if sales and marketing are your forte, then it is a good idea to venture into the field of LIC ADO. Also, while working as ADO, you can earn a lot of incentives and bonuses depending upon your performance.

We hope that this comprehensive analysis between LIC AAO and LIC ADO will help you decide which career option is best suited to you. Also, it is extremely crucial to consider the pros and cons of both posts before jumping into the written exam preparation.

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