Important & Expected Topics for IBPS PO Prelims Exam 2022

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

You all must be aware that the prelims exam for IBPS PO is scheduled to be started in the month of October, according to the IBPS Calendar 2022-2023. To brush up on your preparation, here are some important topics for the exam, which are based on the exam analysis and the IBPS PO previous year paper.

These topics will help you understand the weight that you should give to different topics of the exam syllabus while preparing for IBPS PO 2022. The section-wise idea of the important topics of IBPS PO will also help you figure out the order in which you should attempt the questions in the exam. 

To prepare for the upcoming IBPS PO Prelims Exam 2022, you need to understand the emphasis you should place on various areas from the exam curriculum. You can choose the sequence in which you should attempt the questions in the next IBPS PO test using the section-by-section crucial topics.

To get the highest possible score on the topics listed below on the preliminary exam, it’s also crucial to make sure you fully comprehend the ideas before practicing them. Make sure to understand the concepts and practice the below-mentioned topics properly to score well in IBPS PO Prelims Exam-

Important Topics for IBPS PO Prelims 2022

We will now discuss the important topics of the different sections that would be asked in this exam. Here, we’ll talk about certain subjects that are commonly tested in exams and require extensive practice. Although these themes are crucial, you shouldn’t disregard other subjects. Check the Important Topics for Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability, and English Language for the IBPS PO 2022 prelims exam.

English Language Important Topics 

This part of the prelims exam will comprise 30 questions and they carry a total of 30 marks. The following topics are important for this section as per the previous year’s pattern.

Important & Expected Topics for IBPS PO Prelims Exam 2022

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  • Reading Comprehension: You can expect 10 questions in the IBPS PO prelims. The passage might be economy based. Try to refer to ‘The Economist’ for such passages. 
  • Grammar: Grammar is yet another crucial subject. Questions on error detection, fillers, and match the following are only a few examples. It is necessary to fully understand the formulas, thus it must be done well.
  • Cloze Test: 5 Questions may be asked from this part. Try to cover questions based on the new pattern as well on this topic.
  • Spotting Errors/Sentence Correction/Sentence Improvement: You may come across 5-10 questions from this area. You may also be asked questions from Sentence Improvement instead of spotting errors. Be very clear about the grammar rules to score well in this section.
  • Para Jumbles/Sentence Rearrangement: There may be 5 questions from here. Again, try to practice questions based on the new pattern as well.
  • Double Fillers: 5 questions are expected from the double fillers topic. These questions require good observation skills.

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Reading Comprehension 

Expected changes in the exam pattern: Some new pattern questions are also expected in IBPS PO prelims as per the latest trend, which can be Match the following, Find the correct statement or any other new pattern questions.

You should attempt our English Language Quizzes to get an upper hand in English Language Section.

Important Topics of Reasoning Ability

There will be 35 questions in the IBPS PO prelims with a total of 35 marks. Try to focus more on the below-mentioned syllabus.

Important & Expected Topics for IBPS PO Prelims Exam 2022

  • Puzzles and Seating Arrangement: You can expect 2-3 sets of puzzles and seating arrangements (i.e. 10-15 questions). The previous year, questions asked in the prelims included –
    (a) 1 linear arrangement (people sitting in a single row, some facing south and some facing north)
    (b) 1 moderate circular arrangement
    (c) 1 floor-based puzzle
    So prepare accordingly. Apart from floor puzzles, try to cover tabulation and box-based puzzles as well.

How to solve Puzzles

How to solve Seating Arrangement Questions

  • Input-Output: Input-output is an important topic for PO level examination. But no more simple questions of Input-output are asked in bank examinations. Practice complex questions of Input-output. Now in the new pattern, there is some coding-decoding also involved in Input-output questions. Practice these high-level questions before appearing for the exam to score in the input-output question.

How to solve Input-output questions

  • Coding- decoding: Questions from sentence-based coding are expected in IBPS PO Prelims.
  • Syllogism: This part of the syllabus may be asked in the exam with a total of 5 questions. Again, try to practice new pattern-based syllogism problems as well.

How to solve Syllogism Questions

  • Blood Relations, Direction, and Ranking-based questions: 5-10 questions can be asked in IBPS PO prelims from these topics. These topics are some of the easiest topics in the reasoning section. So prepare accordingly.

How to solve Blood Relation Questions

How to solve Direction Sense Questions

  • Data Sufficiency: 5 questions can come from data sufficiency in this section. Data sufficiency is a combination of all the topics of reasoning. It is important to know all the concepts of each topic if you want to score full marks in Data Sufficiency questions. This includes questions from blood relation, direction, ranking, coding-decoding, etc. Practice a good number of questions from this topic to solve them quickly.

You can also check out our Reasoning quiz section which will give you an idea of the IBPS PO prelims exam pattern.

How to solve Inequality Questions

Important Topics of Quantitative Aptitude

35 questions will be asked in this section and the total weightage in IBPS PO prelims would be 35 marks out of the total 100. Practice the following topics of the syllabus.

Important & Expected Topics for IBPS PO Prelims Exam 2022

  • Number Series: 5 questions are expected to be asked from here in the prelims. Practice different patterns of missing number series and wrong number series that may be asked in the exam to improve your speed in this topic. Try to cover arithmetic-based, squares/cubes-based series, the combination of arithmetic operations based, double level operations based number series properly.

How to Solve Number Series Questions

  • Data Interpretation: You can expect at least 2 sets, i.e. 10 questions from this part of the prelims syllabus. Have a thorough practice of tabular DI since it has a high probability of being asked in the exam. This may be accompanied by a line, bar, or pie chart. Caselet, Missing and Mixed DI is also expected to be asked in the Prelims phase.

How to solve Data Interpretation Questions

  • Simplification/ Approximation: You can expect 5 questions in the prelims. Always approach such questions with the BODMAS approach and practice questions from this topic regularly to work on your speed.

How to solve Simplification Questions

How to solve Approximation Questions

  • Quadratic Equations: There may be 5 questions asked from this area. Apart from the factorization method, try to have a clear understanding of the formula as well.

How to solve Quadratic Equations

  • Quantity-Based Questions: There are high chances that quantity-based questions will be asked on this topic. It is essential to practice these questions well.
  • Arithmetic: Questions about age, simple interest, compound interest, time and work, and other topics can be derived from this topic. Arithmetic is a foundational subject for DI, hence it cannot be skipped
  • Miscellaneous: There may be 10 questions from the Miscellaneous category. This would involve questions from Age-based problems, Simple and Compound Interest, Profit, Loss and Discount, Partnerships, Time, work and wages, Mixture and allegation, boats and streams, probability, etc. You may come across more than 1 question on topics like time and work, partnerships, profit, and loss, so focus more on these topics while preparing.

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