Important Idioms, Phrases & Phrasal Verbs Starting With Letter ‘T’

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Idioms, phrases and phrasal verbs form an important part of English Language. In recent exams pattern, questions from these topics are widely asked. To score well in English Section, it is essential to be familiar with important idioms, phrases, and phrasal verbs. In our series of ‘Idioms, Phrases and Phrasal Verbs, we are sharing Most important  Idioms, Phrases & Phrasal Verbs with the letter ‘T’. To help you understand its meaning completely, we have also shared Hindi meaning as well as usage of Idiom, Phrases and Phrasal Verb.

Important Idioms, Phrases & Phrasal Verbs with Letter ‘T’

1. Take after

Meaning –  To resemble one, as in appearance, behavior, attitude, etc./ To pursue something that one (often a family member) has already done

Meaning (Hindi) – सदृश होना

Example –  She takes after her father with her fair hair and skin, but she has her mother’s eyes.

2. Take heart

Meaning – To have one’s confidence, courage, or happiness bolstered (by something).

Meaning (Hindi) – हिम्मत न हारना

Example –  We may have lost the state election, but we take heart in the fact that so many young people are now engaged and excited about politics.

3. Take a dim view of

Meaning – to disapprove of something.

Meaning (Hindi)- घास नहीं डालना/किसी चीज की अस्वीकृति करना।

Example- My grandfather takes a dim view of the new law. 

4. Take for a ride

Meaning – To deceive or cheat.

Meaning (Hindi) – धोखा देना

Example- It was only when he discovered that his wallet was gone that he realized they had taken him for a ride. 

5. Take in

Meaning- to include something/Allow to stay in one’s home/to understand and remember something that you hear or read

Meaning (Hindi) – ले लेना

Example My wife has a habit of taking in stray dogs.

6. Take up

Meaning- Fill or occupy space or time/Adopt as a hobby or pastime/Start something e.g. a job.

Meaning (Hindi)-  हाथ में लेना, शुरू करना

Example- My father took up golf when he retired.

7. Talk someone round

Meaning –  bring someone to a particular point of view by talking/Persuade

Meaning (Hindi)- राज़ी करने की कोशिश करना 

Example – You could never talk him round, he was very decided.

8. Talk through

Meaning- Guide someone through an issue 

Meaning (Hindi): मार्गदर्शन करना

Example- He talked me through the whole process of joining.

9. Tell on (someone or something)

Meaning- To report someone’s misdeed or bad behavior to someone in a position of authority or someone who is affected by it.

Meaning (Hindi)-  किसी के दुर्व्यवहार की सूचना देना 

Example-  We were worried he would tell on us, so we paid him to keep quiet.

10. Tell off

Meaning: to criticize someone angrily for doing something wrong

Meaning (Hindi)-  कुछ गलत करने के लिए गुस्से में किसी को आलोचना करना

Example- The teacher told him off for coming late regularly.

11. Tear up

Meaning- Rip into pieces

Meaning (Hindi)-  फाड़ डालना/टुकड़े टुकड़े कर देना

Example- Tear up the pizza boxes before you put them in the dustbin.

12. The letter of the law

Meaning – obeying the literal interpretation of the law, but not the intent or the spirit of those who wrote the law.

Meaning (Hindi) –  लक़ीर के फ़क़ीर/कानून की शाब्दिक व्याख्या का पालन करना, बजाय अभिप्राय के  

Example – Judges mustn’t follow the letter of the law, but its spirit. 

13. Think over

Meaning- Consider something fully

Meaning (Hindi)- गहराई से किसी चीज़ पर विचार करना

Example- I’ll have to think over your proposal before I decide.

14. Think up

Meaning- Invent, find, produce by thought.

Meaning (Hindi)- आविष्कार, खोज, विचार द्वारा उत्पादन।

Example- The kids put the cat in the oven because it was cold. What are they going to think up next!

15. Thick as thieves

Meaning- intimate, close-knit.

Meaning (Hindi) –घनिष्ठ मित्र

Example- Alan and John attended a boarding school together and were thick as thieves. 

16. Trickle down

Meaning –  To distribute, pass, or diffuse to people lower on a hierarchical structure.

Meaning (Hindi)-  नीचे की ओर देना

Example:  The results of the improved economy trickled down to people at lower-income levels.

17. To the hilt

Meaning- to the maximum extent possible as fully as possible.

Meaning (Hindi) – विस्तारपूर्वक

Example- John has borrowed money from the bank to the hilt. 

18. To this day –

Meaning- until now.

Meaning (Hindi)- आज तक

Example- He disappeared and to this day nobody knows what happened to him. 

19. To the letter

Meaning – Exactly as something is written or instructed

Meaning (Hindi)- अक्षरशः पालन करना 

Example -:  You must follow the instructions to the letter, or your application won’t be considered. 

20. To the backbone

Meaning-  Through and through; thoroughly; in every manner or respect.

Meaning (Hindi)- हर पहलू से; अच्छी तरह से

Example-: Though he grew up in America, Anant is still Indian to the backbone.

21. Touch on/upon (something)

Meaning- To discuss or deal with some topic informally or in passing.

Meaning (Hindi)- अनौपचारिक रूप से किसी विषय की चर्चा

Example -: The movie touches on themes of loneliness and grief, but doesn’t make them the central focus of the characters.

22. Trip Someone up

Meaning – To cause someone to falter, hesitate, or make an error

Meaning (Hindi) – किसी के द्वारा गलती होने का कारण बनना 

Example: – She always tries to trip up her opponents with taunts and mind games.

23. Tuck into

Meaning –  To commence eating a meal or some piece of food, especially with enthusiasm or gusto

Meaning (Hindi)- चाव के साथ खाना शुरू करना 

Example-  always get great satisfaction out of watching the whole family tuck into a meal I’ve prepared.

24. Turn the tables

Meaning- gaining the upper hand over a competitor, rival, or enemy.

Meaning (Hindi)- पाँसा पलट देना/ स्थिति को पूर्णतः बदल देना.

Example: – Our team finally turned the tables on their old rivals.

25. Turn a deaf ear to

Meaning- To ignore or refuse to listen to someone or something

Meaning (Hindi)- सुन कर अनसुनी कर देना

Example-: The government has been turned a deaf ear to the pleas of its most vulnerable citizens.

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